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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 14th October 2007

Greetings, my darling, it is good to see you safely back in our home once again. You missed having my things around you in the US. I watched you go to my study to sit in my chair, to touch my things. They bring you so much comfort, you never like leaving them. Always remember, I am with you, wherever you go. Those objects will be there when you return.

We, on this side of life, are so proud of all you achieved on your trip. Please thank all concerned in putting your name and the Directors of our Foundation forward to attend the International Interfaith Organisation Network meeting in London, next month. The MKF is being recognised around the world. It is opening people’s minds to the continuity of life and our responsibilities while on Earth.

Don't worry, my dear, the dishonest will be dealt with. They are clutching at straws. But no matter what they do, they will have to face justice. Your name is being linked with the Geraldo at Large programme. People need to understand, you were told of this on the Thursday evening. You had no connection whatsoever with it. It was all a big surprise to you. ..... knew for at least two years that it was going to happen, so it cannot have been much of a surprise for him or the University. People look for scapegoats all the while, and we know how he would love to blame you. You wanted the TRUTH to come out. That's all you have ever asked for.

Yes, love, the ideas we have put into your head regarding Robert’s work is how to go forward. It will have far greater results than any other path you have considered. His work is important. Your world needs his expertise and you will guide him on this. The dishonest, in all walks of life, try to control the rest of humanity. Their time is coming to an end, also. You have had to struggle against dishonesty in that field also.

You were given some very good advice from P.K. in New York. She has been in the field for many years and has been very successful. I always admired all that she succeeded in doing, against the odds. She has your best interests at heart. She will also be there for you whenever you need advice.

You will be with your friends, this week, and I will be able to speak directly to you. I know how much that means to you and you will have your two young men at your side and those lovely ladies supporting you.

A. and R. Met, and are now ready to go forward with our plans for dealing with CO2. We cannot waste any more time, the damage that is being done to your Earth is enormous and must stop. You will get things moving quickly. We are trying to make it as easy as possible for all of you. I have shown you what, and how to do it, so you must just get on with it. They cannot go on putting money before all else. They have manipulated everyone and everything for far too long. They, too, will answer for what they have done, and what they have failed to do.

We go forward on many fronts. Things will fall into place. I would like to deal with all the different issues the world needs to tackle. You have the answers to many of them but we are not ready to go public on them yet, as ‘the powers that be’ would bring pressure on you to desist. Know, with certainty, that we will succeed in doing all we set out to do. All that is good supports us on this.

Rest, my love, there is much to do and you need to be ready for it. I am always at your side. We send you our love. Your Monty.