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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 12th October 2008

Veronica, my dear, your understanding of our purpose becomes clearer day by day. It is as if the blind has been lifted. Now, it is obvious why I had to LIVE MY EARTHLY LIFE AS I DID, and why I had to take my leave as I did. It was pre-destined, my dear. The timing was right. Now, our people understand the importance of my MATERIALISATION, and the real reason that I need to speak to the world. You had all wondered why I was going to such trouble, when I can be recorded speaking, anywhere, anytime. As I have already pointed out, this was decided by GREATER MINDS than ours, and so it must be.

We are finding ways to bring the TRUTH out into the open. We guide certain people to research particular subjects, without them fully understanding the importance or the full implications of their work. We then draw your attention to this work. You discuss it with our people, who then become very excited by the revelations. We are able to guide people, today, in ways that were not possible when I was on Earth. You know me, darling, I was always one for getting on with the job, getting things done. I have not changed in this respect. You were puzzled why I showed Benjamin Franklin as well as Einstein, recently. Yes, you have seen Einstein, several times. Franklin was unknown to you. Bronwen gave you information on him, making the reason for his presence both important and relevant. I have the ability, here, to call on anyone I choose. Unfortunately, on the Earth plane, one has to observe protocol, making calling on people very difficult indeed. Man has created so many barriers, whether wealth or intellect, that prevent people coming together, and being there for each other in times of crisis, such as your world is facing now. The information we have brought to your attention is correct and must be handled carefully. Peter will understand it and explain it to the others. It is necessary that each of you is prepared and in full possession of the facts.

I wish to give my full approval to the creation of An Academy of Universal Consciousness. How I would have loved to have been part of it when on the Earth plane. But let me assure you all, I will be there at all times, to guide and talk with you through our PORTAL. There are many, here, on my side of life, who are excitedly awaiting the opportunity to show their support and to be able to share knowledge with your world. I told you to expect great changes. This, my love, is an enormous change that will benefit mankind in ways that you cannot imagine right now. Remember when I used to say that you and I made a great team, and others refused to see or accept this. They looked down on you and tried to bully you. I told you that one day they would live to regret their actions. Well, my dear, that day draws near. We go forward in STRENGTH, embracing only the HONEST to become part of The Montague Keen Foundation.

Our plans are great, far greater than you ever suspected. Veronica, my dear, we had to lead you gently in, as you would have said, "Monty, darling, I could not possibly do this". Well, you have, and with such love and devotion to me that in years to come people will speak of Veronica and Montague, whose love was so powerful that even death itself could not extinguish it.

It is all coming together beautifully. A little faster, I agree, than you expected. But understand this, everything will happen as planned. You are so loved, my darling wife. Until next week, I remain your Monty.