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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 11th October 2009

My dear wife, I promised I would find a way to reveal the truth. Well, I hope you are happy with what I have done and the people I have brought around you. Leave it to them, they are experts in their fields and will do a good job. Evil must always be revealed. Everything has played out as I expected it to. Timing, my dear, the timing is always very important. It certainly makes a good story, both for TV and the written word. The facts are there for all to see. Veronica, I intend to visit them. I will show myself and show my disgust and disappointment.

As there was a problem, last week, I will repeat one or two points, such as the fact that "the supernatural is only the natural, not yet understood." As you know, so much more was known and understood 2000 years ago. Their understanding of the universe, the importance of the Sun and the Moon, was as it should be. Man is returning to the old beliefs, researching the knowledge of the past. The druids and the pharaohs — they certainly knew how the universe worked and how to live their lives. The Celtic Cross was not just a cross, it was an instrument used to measure the distance from the Sun and the stars, etc. Ireland was the home of the Celtic Cross. It is still revered, and is seen all over Ireland. They understood how the universe operated. They knew that Man was not alone; that the Earth is but a part of the whole. Remember, my love, in the weeks prior to my passing, when so much knowledge was revealed to me, how I used to be so excited by it all, and you were there to share it with me. Now, with me on this side of life, and you still on the Earth plane, we can still share that same excitement as things develop.

I am not dead, my darling, while you are there to speak for me. Though the Dark Side have tried in many ways to stop you and our work, light will always overcome darkness. Our plans will succeed. You know who we, in the Network, are, and though the Dark may think they are succeeding, as I have already told you, they are only hastening their EXPOSURE.

We talked, last week, about the Energy Change experienced by so many in September. Now, everyone has adjusted to the New Energy. You know the pole shift is soon to happen, and so the energy had to change to accommodate this. Soon the New Age will begin. Knowledge will be revealed. Light will return to the Earth. The Dark, who have lived by greed and corruption, will have nowhere to hide. They will be exposed for all to see and will flee in disgrace. As the Earth changes, other planets will be free to come, to help Man to improve his lot on Earth. Only then, will the universe be as it was intended to be, free of all restrictions allowing people to live in peace and harmony. I ask all of you to break free of your bondage. Open your eyes, know who you are. Fulfil your purpose on Earth.

I listened, last evening, as you recounted to your friend the most profound night of our lives. I had been coming to your home, to those wonderful gatherings, where everyone enjoyed good food and wine and the discussions on both the paranormal and alternative medicine — your two main interests in life. As it was a long drive back to the farm from Highgate, I asked if I might stay at your home. You agreed. You needed your alarm clock. You asked if you might pop into your bedroom, which I was occupying, to retrieve it. As you did so, I started a conversation and as you stood there at the bottom of the bed talking to me, I did not want you to leave. I asked if you would lay on the bed with me. I gave you my word that I would not touch you. I held your hand and we talked, and as we did so, our eyes were opened. We recognised each other on a soul level. My soul was complete. We did not sleep. A light surrounded us. I knew then, that I would fulfil my purpose in life. When I eventually dragged myself away from you that day, I wanted you to know how much it had meant to me. I sent you four dozen red roses.

Only those who had an understanding of Spirit, recognised the light that surrounded us. People who visited us never wanted to leave us, they basked in our light. The Dark tried every ploy to upset us, to cause us problems. They could not cope with the beautiful energy in our home. Our home rejected them, they were uncomfortable in it. My dear, I wanted you to remember that most special of nights, when we recognised each other. We just knew that we would work together to bring enlightenment to all those who seek it. This we will do. The time is almost upon us.

Since my passing, you have suffered so much at the hands of those I had trusted. You could have walked away from our work, but never for a moment did you falter in your belief in me. That is true love and commitment. You could never let me down. You have not allowed the threats of the dishonest to frighten you. You have put our life’s purpose above all else. You alone knew the real me. You recognised me before ever I knew the real me. You opened up that deeper part of me, my very soul. Now, through your work and dedication, the world will know me and our work will be completed.

Together we go forward. Our love being a shining example to all who seek truth and harmony. My love is with you forever. I am your adoring husband, Monty.