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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 24th September 2006

We are endeavouring to bring healing to you. Your poor heart is strained. The battle to do our work is taking its toll on you. You were never a strong person, physically, but your determination to see it through is very touching. I am so proud of you. At times, you remember when I was so ill and pushed myself also. I see myself in you, so often. It's as though you have become me — totally driven. We will inspire Robert. He must open his mind to the World of Spirit. He will help you, my love. He does know how.

It was so good to observe the meeting last week. Yes, you three have really got the message. That my work goes on, is the most important message the world needs now. It will change people’s thinking and it will give hope to so many. We will change the world. We are all in our own little boxes and do not all see outside them. We close our minds to the problems all around us. I, too, worked alone at the farm, researching, etc. Locked way in my own little world. So you see, my love, I do understand. But the time has come for change, and change we must.

The film is on track again and we in Spirit are backing it all the way. Yes, our love for each other will shine through, and to some, it will be a beautiful love story — two people, who in their twilight years, met and knew love and fulfillment beyond their wildest dreams — but to the majority, it will open up the World of Spirit, and how, "yes, we can communicate". You have only to still yourself and seek it. I know it's a lot to ask of you, to open yourself to the public’s gaze. I doubt I would have had such courage. With you beside me, I achieved so much. Now, you will: knowing that I am beside you at all times. I know I repeat this over and over again, but I need you to truly accept that fact. I will never leave you.

[Family information omitted]

You need this trip to Ireland. At least it will be free of stress. Brian is a good and faithful friend to you and he will take care of you for me. Give him my best wishes.

Please believe me, when I say you are doing the work you came on Earth to do. Our meeting was not by chance. It was determined by greater minds than ours, my love. If only we had known. We came from two such different paths. It must have been difficult to arrange our first meeting, and I was such an ‘odd-bod’. I never could see what you saw in me, but now I know you saw the real me — the one that no-one else ever knew. I wish we had had more time together. No-one ever expected you to work with me — they do not see that you were the only person in my life that I trusted 100 per cent. They were friends with me, only for what they could get from me, and that’s why they are so angry now. You, my dear, have surprised them. We will achieve great things, you and I. We will show the world what real love can achieve.

Money is a great worry to you. When the film company buys the story, I insist that you, and you alone, decide what you should do. It is your money, your story, and your hard work. You must be free of financial worries. Buy my sons out — that is your first priority, and to help sort out all my work and your tapes and notes, etc. That is a mammoth job in itself, and you, my love, cannot do it. The money will help to take some of the stress out of your life. We can't have you going down the same road as me. Alexander will become interested again, in time. He needs to grow-up for now.

As I leave you now, my love, feel my presence beside you. I love you forever, "my little girl".