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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 7th October 2007

It has been a week to remember. Well, I did promise such a week. It went beyond anything you were expecting. Darling, as we in Spirit get stronger and have more influence, you can expect big changes to occur.

As you sat there in the United Nations at The High-Level Dialogue on Inter-Religious Intercultural Understanding, I was right there beside you. It was a remarkable day. As you listened to Ban Ki-Moon's talk, you knew that we in Spirit had chosen the right man. His words echoed my own sentiments entirely. You met so many, very interesting people. I arranged for you to meet Pauline Cantwell. She had given a talk on the fact that planet Earth is off-balance, and what caused it to be so. You, my love, were ridiculed when we wrote of this, some weeks ago. So it is good for people to know that there is actual evidence for this. Please put this lady's website address on our website. We all have the same aims. It is  The people in power today have no regard for planet Earth. They do not own it, they are just custodians of it and should respect it. Those people you met will look at our website and see for themselves that our aims are their aims, and therefore, we will work together. I am delighted the NGO, Joan, will come to London, and will be able to talk with Robert. She will open the right doors for him to go ahead with all he has spent so many years working on. Joan is guided by Spirit and understands what we are about, and is excited by it. Trust her, my dear, she has Man’s best interests at heart.

The talk you gave in New York was very well received and understood, and so now, you have many more people on board. The timing is right for the doors to open. Again, it was more exciting than you ever expected. You achieved much more than you realize. We in Spirit, are delighted, and in time you will understand that people are ready to hear what we have to say. As I used to say, the timing is right.

Now, all those people who believed those slanderous statements about you, my dear, will think again, and re-look at everything that has gone on since my passing.  ..... had to face some home truths on TV, last evening. He still thinks he can get away with it. I told you, some weeks ago, that HIS OWN WORDS would condemn him, and that is what happened. He believes he can convince everyone to believe him, even when the evidence is there for all to see. You asked one question after I passed and had told you what he had done. How he had removed, without our permission, what was legally your property, from our home. "If ..... truly believes that Monty is communicating, then surely he would realize Monty would tell us what he had done". I gave you, on tape, that information. I told you to get a computer expert in, to prove it. I told you, over and over, that the evidence is on the hard drive. The books of poetry I wrote for you, my love, and all my notebooks, and books, and even the video of my death, he removed from my study, while pretending "to keep in touch with his university". I told you that the dishonest would be dealt with. When, some weeks ago, you were asked to speak to the District Attorney's office in Arizona, he told you, ..... is a psychologist. That is all. He said that all the other qualifications are bogus. I, too, was guilty of believing him when on the Earth plane. He is a very convincing person. He seems to be able to make people believe the most outrageous statements. He has done a lot of damage to our field and we have called time on him. I know all this is deeply upsetting for you, but it had to be done. You are not a vindictive person but the truth matters a great deal to you, and he had to be dealt with. You want our property returned. All those who supported him in all he did, must now look to themselves and ask, why they accepted without question all that he asked of them?

You must rest now, my darling, you have had a very busy time. We in Spirit, are even more excited than you. Onward we go in Truth and Light. We have much work to do. I will deal with the dishonest in England, also. They think they have got away with what they did to you in the weeks after my passing, when you were still in shock. B.C. pretended to be a friend to you while using you in the most blatant manner. It was unforgivable. It upset me, also. When we speak, we will ensure that those who abused you, will face the consequences of their actions. My blood family also have a lot to answer for. If only I had had my feet more firmly on the ground, I would have seen them without rose-tinted spectacles, and I certainly would not have trusted them. They, too, will be dealt with. The day of reckoning is at hand.

You and I, my darling, will achieve all we have set out to achieve. We in Spirit, surround you with love. Hold your head high, you are our instrument on Earth. I am forever, your loving husband, Monty.