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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 5th October 2008

As you are aware, my dear, the closer we get to realising our dreams, our plans, our hopes and desires, the more difficult life becomes. As you were informed, the Dark Side both on this side of life and on Earth, will do all in their power to prevent us succeeding. They will endeavour to get to everyone, to confuse issues, to question that which they know in their hearts to be true. This has happened through the ages. They find a chink, or use someone's ego, to cause unrest and to cause problems where none exist. You fully understand this. You must help others to be aware and vigilant at all times. We are on a mission to return your fellow man to a path of righteousness. This is an enormous task that we agreed to, before we came to the Earth plane. We both accepted the challenge. Sadly, we did not come together until later in our earthly lives but we were both on the same path. One could not accomplish this without the other. We were two people making one whole being. We will succeed, though the road may be rocky at times. In time, people will recognise in you, what I was aware of when we were on Earth as man and wife. You chose not to let others see the real you. Your link with Spirit was something you shared only with me. You supported me and ensured that I got the respect and recognition for that which we should have shared.

As your world goes deeper into recession, eyes will open, questions will be asked. The blinkers will be removed and the corrupt will be exposed for all to see. They will answer for their dishonesty and collusion in bringing this about. Many will suffer as a result and will return to Spirit, having completed their time on Earth. The corrupt will face the consequences of their actions. Wealth does not purchase you status in Spirit. There are one or two people that I especially look forward to greeting in Spirit. They will have some explaining to do, and not just to me. In Spirit, there is no escape. When will people accept that you answer for your actions. DEATH AWAITS ALL. There are no exceptions.

The negative energy in your world is consuming all. It will take a little time before the Light returns, as the negative has to be completely removed first. It has controlled too much for too long. As you know, those who control the banks, pull the strings. Governments can only do so much, their hands are tied. The abuse of power is serious and will have to be answered for. When going through the difficult times, remember, it is for the greater good, and how different things will be when it is a more HONEST WORLD, with respect for all mankind, no group seeing itself as greater or better than others. This is as it should be.

Love is the most powerful emotion. Very few are capable of real love. There are those who felt that I, Montague Keen, did not deserve to be happy or to be loved, and they endeavoured to make me feel guilty because I was happy. They felt I should spend my time making reparation to them. I did try. Sadly, they chose never to know the real Montague Keen. I was on Earth to fulfil the mission that you and I are now working towards completing. I did not always get things right in their eyes, but I was always honest and honourable in my dealings with my fellow man, and always tried to see the light in others.

Veronica, my dear, you are tired. Please relax and take some time for you. I show you constantly that I am at your side, and always will be. Your own, Monty.