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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 30th August 2009

Veronica, my dear wife, we greet you from this side of life and applaud the work you continue to do to bring truth and light to your world. We appeal to the truth tellers and seekers to come together. Combine your energy to create the light needed for mankind to see the LIES they have trusted without question for so many years. You must awaken to the truth. See what is being done in your name and ask yourselves, how could this possibly have been going on for so long without questions being asked. You have been looking at the chemicals of mass destruction that the countries you placed your trust in, produce. Ask, what evil drives them, or are they from another race, whose sole purpose is to destroy mankind as you know it. What right do they have to reduce the population. Questions must be asked.

I know, my dear, that astronomy is not your thing; but I ask that you research URSA MAJOR, the Andromeda Galaxy, and its links with with your planet. You have friends who are astronomers involved in astrophysics. Talk with them, follow this connection. Once you do this, it will take you to some very interesting places. M T will also help with this. He understands, without fully realising the great importance of what he knows. He has failed to see the connection between the human race and Andromeda, and so your connections with other dimensions. You will find the connection. Look also to China, Asia and Japan. There is much more to learn from the orient. M T has knowledge regarding the orient. Tell him "he will get it." Spirit are helping and guiding him. What needs to be corrected, will be corrected. You will meet him. You are meant to share knowledge with him. There are so many more people that you are meant to meet.

Beware of those whose only intention is to use you, whose only interest in life is fame and fortune. Do not share the full story with them. It would be used. He is ambitious. You know what must be done. I will guide you on this. Such people will turn up all the time, they are opportunists. They will try many different approaches to try to get your trust. Forewarned is forearmed.

You had much to be excited about last week. That there are great scientists of the past involved with our work excites you. Understand, my dear, that on this side of life time does not exist, so no one is old or in the past. We are all in the present. Age does not exist, so that whatever age you walked the Earth is of little significance. Our project is of great importance to us on my side of life, and I note with much appreciation, that it is daily becoming more important to the enlightened in your world.

You had a lovely gathering last evening. I was happy to be there with you and to enjoy the laughter. More laughter is needed, it lifts the energy. J has invited all of you to visit her home, there is much to learn and observe there. I always enjoyed my visits. Let us see what we can produce there. You and I were connected with that area in past lives, so it has a special resonance with us. We walked many different paths throughout the ages. Always hand in hand, the bond of love strengthening as our lives progressed.

You are tired, my dear, and so I will surround you with my love. I will be with you. I am your adoring husband, Monty.