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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 26th August 2007

What a week it has been for you, my love. The news you received on Monday was upsetting for you. I tried to ease the shock. You are resilient, my love, and deal with everything the world has to throw at you. I always admired how you took everything in your stride. You are strong and do not give in easily.

We gave you a few surprises, also. My colleagues in the Network wanted you to get to know them better and to explain that we are twelve. But we have many others who are helpers . . .  facilitators. They need you to know and understand that what you and I have embarked on, is ENORMOUS; and yes, this is only the beginning, and it is global. We feel, as yet, you do not have any conception of the power that is available to us. It is beyond your comprehension. There is so much going on in the world that people are not aware of yet. That is why two different people, this week, brought Moses to you to explain. He is one of the twelve. He wanted you to know that what we are doing is like what happened with him in biblical times. We hope to show this in September and October. That will be the start. We have, my dear, a centre of influence, right there in our home. Massive strides are being taken. I felt we had to bring things gradually, as it would be too much for you to deal with everything, all at once.

Without any effort from you, darling, all the doors that were shut to you, will suddenly open, and people will see and recognise the truth, and what you and I set out to achieve. The dishonest ones will no longer be able to control the field in which we work. All that is needed now is patience, for ........ to slip up, and expose the fraud that he is. Our Foundation will step forward as a Centre of Influence, to bring people together as never before. When you and I used to talk of one of us communicating from the Other Side, and how we would work as a team, you never dreamed it would be as important as the work we now do. It is our destiny.

Remember how I used to deal with the sceptics, who, no matter what they see, will insist it is a hoax and will always try to find a logical explanation. Also remember the arch-sceptic, who was overheard saying, "it's very lucrative being a sceptic." They do not approach anything from an honest standpoint. Do not enter into arguments with any of them. They are not worth it.

I show you, over and over, the PYRAMID and the six-pointed star, and ask you to meditate on them. We loved Egypt, it was like going home for us. When Ramases the 3rd showed and introduced himself as one of the helpers, you were very impressed. Gradually, they want you to come to know and accept them as friends, all working together for the good of man. The Earth is a very important planet and that is why we need to stop the destruction of it. I told you, way back in January, that you should look to September. Hopefully, all will be in place, and we will succeed in all that we hope to do.

You, my dear, need to take time out for you, as you need to live your life, also. It is not necessary to devote every moment of every day to me, though your devotion to me is very touching. I want to see you enjoy yourself. You need to laugh with friends and family as well. You have given everything to me and you need to take time out for yourself also. Please try to meditate. I know that with so much going on all the time, that is very difficult for you. Bronwen will help you, as will I.

Man has lost his way completely. The gun-culture is taking over, and yet governments continue to fail to deal with it. Violence must be removed from TV, films and magazines, etc. They have succeeded in brainwashing our children that violence will bring respect and rich rewards. The people who exploit the young with drugs and guns should be severely dealt with. We hope to show a better way forward. Things will have to change. How many more killings must there be, before action is taken?

Know, my dear, that all of us on this side of life, look to you to take care of yourself, and prepare to take our message out to your fellow man. We surround you with love. We are here for you. We will try to make things as easy as possible. Look to September. Yes, I do remember, it is our wedding anniversary, also. Do plan something for that date. Darling, even death could not part us, we were meant to be together forever. I am, and always will remain, your husband, Monty.