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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 31st August 2008

Please do not be upset if you are not able to write at 3pm. Traffic delayed Marcia, it was unavoidable. I do understand. You could not bear to let me down in any way. As I am aware of everything, then I know the situation, and am more than happy to wait for you to connect with me. It is not set in stone that we must begin at 3pm. I waited many years on the Earthplane to meet you, my love. I had always known that there was something missing in my life Suddenly the cloud lifted and I felt complete. I knew, even then, that you and I were destined to achieve much together.

The information that is flowing in to you, shows the importance of our work. Peter has the perfect analytical mind to unravel so much that would be over the heads of so many. How foolish of all those people who wrote you off as a foolish old woman, who is grieving for her husband and is best ignored. Their arrogance blinded them to the fact that you and I, my love, are in the process of making history. We are making our mark on the world. There has never been a greater need for honesty, truth and love to replace the corruption that has brought your world to one of its biggest crises yet. I warned, a long time ago, that recession was on its way, and to prepare for it. They turned a blind eye, pretending it would go away. Now there will be much suffering as a result. Change is on its way. It's always hard to come to terms with. People tend to cling to what seems safe, secure and familiar, frightened to look at the bigger picture, and so only when change is forced upon them, will they reluctantly accept it. Trust me, life is so much easier when people are open to change. The great British Empire ruled much of the world. The days of empire are over, and so they had to adjust to that change. Your world has commenced a new phase in which justice for all is paramount. The control of the masses by the few will no longer be tolerated. GREATER MINDS than theirs have decided this.

Now, Veronica, my dear, you understand why I was so insistent that our crest had to be just as I instructed. It was not Monty being fussy, it was Monty being EXACT. Little by little, we reveal what you need to know, so that you can move to the next level. The bigger picture is being revealed, day by day. Our work is so important to your world and will be recognised as such in time. The exact science of it, is too much for you to comprehend, and only the chosen few are able to see the full picture unfolding. I ask, again, that you are prepared Each must be aware of their roll in this.

I know it upsets you when people make false claims. Many more will claim "to be working with Monty". They should consider how dishonest they will look when I speak to the world, and who I am will be disclosed. Our portal will reveal all, to those who seek the truth. You alone "KNEW" me, in the true sense of the word.

You watched John Mack in a documentary on TV recently. John wants to remind you, he was right in all that he said on other planets, and yes, they do visit your world, and most are not aware of it. Again, my dear, you recognised in John, an honest man, who was so brave to buck the trend and stand up for what he believed to be true. He sends his thanks for your friendship, and making his last days happy and fulfilled. He is grateful that you will help him to complete his work on this side of life. That is why he needed to make that connection with you, before he passed over to my side of life. You, my darling, brought John and I together in life. You became an important part of his life also. Through you, John will give information on other planets that will assist mankind to understand the universe in which they reside.

Your family feel that you are not there for them as much as they feel that you should. Well, my dear, this is what happens when we devote our lives to what we believe to be for the greater good of mankind.

I am aware that you have an exciting gathering planned for tomorrow. I will, of course, be present and will share information with you all. My grateful thanks is extended to all who assist our Foundation to go forward in love and truth. My wife could not do this on her own. She needs help. She has never been good at asking for help, even though she desperately needs it.

Now, my dear, it is time to take a little time for you. Know that I never leave you. I need you and always will. Even death could not part you and I. I am, and will remain, your adoring husband, Monty.