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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 23rd November 2008

It is exciting for us, too, to see more people speaking out and questioning authority. This will have a ripple effect. People will cease to accept what is so obviously false. It will become more and more difficult to cover-up crimes against humanity. Money alone will not buy silence, man's conscience will step in and say enough is enough. People have been slaughtered so that greedy and powerful men can find a legitimate excuse to remove Man's human rights, and go to war to gain control. They create frightening situations to ensure that there is a ‘bogey man’ that we need protecting from. This is but an excuse for war, and those who profit from such wars become even richer. Certain families throughout history have supported both sides in a war; strictly for money, of course. Where finance is concerned, there is no honour. It is so easy to create real fear to ensure a people or a religion become the enemy. You have been taught that enemies have to go, to be removed at all costs. You have all, every one of you, been brainwashed, either by religion — where you are taught that yours is the one true religion or that you are better than your fellow man — by political persuasion — that you, alone, must rule. Some families create monsters by instilling in children that they are superior, and so can take from life whatever they choose, without regard for others. Enough is enough, the time has come for more equality for all.

I thank our friends for coming together last evening, it was good to see them in our home. I did ensure that my presence was duly noted. It is important that we come together whenever possible to discuss plans, to introduce new people, to open minds to the importance of our plans. I accept that it is difficult for some to accept the idea of a Cosmic Portal. Yes, it was forecast in the bible, but until now, it has not been possible. The right people and the right conditions had to be in place. Great minds on both sides of life will work together on this. You and I, my love, create the link for this to happen.

Some people look down on those who work with Spirit. Are they ignorant of the fact that the Balfour family, who at one time ruled England, were deeply involved with Spirit. Another, was the highly respected man, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who has come forward to speak with you on many occasions. Some of the most respected and admired people worked with Spirit. Professor John Mack (Harvard), came to London to work with you, my dear, on our communications. I did much research myself in this field. It became my main interest in life. Together, we met many of the great minds of our time, who were proud to work with Spirit. The honest have no fear of Spirit. The corrupt fear being exposed, and so they try to discredit it. Hiding behind a cloak of respectability will not suffice. Spirit will not be silenced.

I will accompany you to Simon's. A dinner party at Simon's is something I always enjoyed, to be accepted for the person that I was, without questions about religion, status, or whether I spoke with Spirit. I, Montague Keen, was loved and respected, and always welcomed. At last, I felt I belonged in your world. I did not have to live up to what was expected of me, I could just be me. Your family gave me what my life had sadly lacked. I treasure those memories. For the first time in my life, I knew what it was to be loved and happy. Thank you.

Wrap up warm, my dear. Enjoy being with your family. Expect an interesting week. In love we go forward to complete our work. Your adoring husband, Monty.