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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 22nd November 2009

You are only too aware, my dear, that there are those in your world who will go to any lengths to silence the world of Spirit. Do they not know that the light will always extinguish the darkness. As more and more people allow the light to enter their lives, the dark will lose its control. They continue to create fear and panic, so as to gain greater control. I, Montague Keen, ask you to calmly look at what is being forced on you. Look closely at the research. Do not just take the word of those whose job it is to fool you into believing their so-called ‘facts’. Each and every one of you, has a duty to yourself, to only do that which is best for you and your children. Learn the real facts. Only then will you be in a position to make a valued judgement.

The disasters we warned of, are beginning to happen. Your world has begun the changes necessary to move forward into its new phase of existence. It is similar to what occurred before the destruction of Atlantis. These are natural changes that need to happen; though sadly, some suffer in the process. A high proportion of what you have been told about your universe is absolutely untrue. There are those in your world who know that the ‘Gods’ are due to return. NASA has evidence of the planet that is fast approaching your Earth. Remember the talk of the Great Star in the sky, when Jesus Christ arrived on your Earth. He, too, was an EL. As I warned, it brings with it, floods and other catastrophes, such as the Great Flood at the end of the Ice Age. It is not possible to stop what is about to happen. Man cannot control the universe: try as he will, he will not succeed. There are those far greater than Man, who control your universe. Unfortunately, it is only when they come to this vibration that they learn the real facts of life. And for some, it is a really difficult awakening, to have to accept that they could have got it so terribly wrong. Death, my dear, comes to all, without exception. For those in the light, it is the most beautiful experience. They never undergo the great fear experienced by the corrupt, who have to accept that all the money and material possessions in the world will not help them, even one iota.

To love, to reach out to your fellow man, is the essence of what you are on the Earth to learn. To give love without expecting anything in return is so important. Love is automatically returned tenfold, and suddenly, you find that you have a completely different perspective on life. This, in fact, is the purpose of life. Together, we learned to truly love, and the happiness it brought us was beyond compare. It was priceless. We still bask in this love. Even death could not extinguish it: it is forever. There were those who tried to destroy it, even when I was on Earth. The light of love was alien to them. We just felt sad for them. Look at them, are they happy in their darkness? No, they continually want more and more, believing that if only they had more, they would be happy. The happiness you get from material possessions is just temporary. Yet they strive for more. They lie and cheat, they will use corrupt means to get more. They never learn that one of the biggest lessons of life is love, not possessions. Love is what will make you happy, so that you feel completely fulfilled. We watched the jealously and envy these people suffered because of greed. What a waste of a life! If only your TV would open people’s minds to love; not the diet of killing and fighting that fills the minds of the immature, so that they end up believing it’s okay to kill and fight. They do a great disservice to the young and impressionable. This must change.

May the love that we shared, be seen as an example of how life could and should be lived. As your world goes forward through these difficult times of change, reach out to others, even just to smile and say, "How are you?", to those who feel alone and unloved. Our love is forever. I am your adoring husband, Monty.

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