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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 19th November 2006

Greetings, my love. We have a lot of work to do. I showed you last night, just how A. got my address file. She asked you for my password. She copied everything she wanted, and you, my dear, were unaware of what she was up to. I showed it to you, as you were worried as to how she managed to get in touch with people. She was up to no good, right from the start.

You have a busy week ahead, but I promise you it will be productive. You will enjoy some of your meetings, as you will relax, and realise that these people are willing to help you, and in doing so, help the world in which you live. Things need to get under way as soon as possible. The world is more than ready for it. I know it’s hard for you to understand how it will bring people together. It will give them a greater understanding of life, as well as the afterlife. The closed minds will take a little longer. You are certainly coming up against very closed minds right now. There is a concerted effort to freeze you out. They are wasting time and effort on it. But this has been planned by greater minds than theirs and they will be left feeling quite ridiculous and stupid. But that’s their choice, and we were all given free will.

I am glad you are putting our little Rupert Sheldrake story out. Let’s see what they have to say on that, shall we? If only Rupert could take the time to look at and understand our project. He would be a source of strength to you. I know you like and respect him.

SG is giving our project a great deal of thought. She is definitely intrigued and would like to sit down with the three of you. It will happen, and she will come on board. Remember, slowly but surely we progress. Look to next year, my love. It will unfold beautifully.

We continue to work on energy. I wish you were here to see it all. I never dreamed so much could be achieved just using energy and sound waves. All the man-made barriers are coming down, and Man will have a new understanding of life, the human body, etc. We work on a regular basis with Robert T. We will open his eyes to so much.

Our black box will take off like a rocket. It will be produced in many countries. Funding will just flow in. Governments; the UN; etc, will want to have a hand in it. The world’s Press will cause you a lot of hassle. That’s the price we pay for going public. We are on our way.

Try to take some time off, just for yourself. You cannot shut your mind off at all, these days. Being with your children and grandchildren would do you so much good. Let’s hope, over the Christmas holidays, you are able to. I am aware you have to go to Simon’s, and I want you to go before it gets dark. Give them my love. I will be there with you, my love.