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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 18th November 2007

Well, here we are, eagerly awaiting the arrival of our friends from the US. What an exciting two weeks it will be. You will meet some very important and influential people who will show great interest in our work. It is all very exciting for us, too, as we watch the proceedings from this side of life. We will try to make it as easy as possible for you, my love.

Thank you for going to the conference this week. Yes, we guided you to David, who is in a position to help and advise on our CO2 project. You got on well and felt you could trust him. It would be good to introduce him to our directors, to have a discussion on how he could bring the right people forward to achieve the results we require. It is an area that requires extreme caution. Not everyone has the world's best interests at heart. Their actions are governed by greed and power. Follow our guidance on this. We see the bigger picture.

You are looking forward to showing everyone the plans for our Foundation building at the board meeting at the Reform Club. The plans hold everything we wished for. It will become a place of pilgrimage for the whole world: open to all, irrespective of race or creed. Just think on that for a moment, my love. No such place exists, where everyone is equal, all searching for light and truth. The need for this is truly GREAT. Where this building is placed is of extreme importance. Thank Robert for asking Ibrahim Karim to advise on this, and he will come from Egypt for this. He alone is qualified to do this, please thank him for me.

It will be lovely for you to meet the President of Ireland, this week. An honour indeed, my love. She will be taken by surprise by what we are doing and will not be able to take it all on board at your first meeting. Your love for your country was something I was so happy to share with you. We had some very special times in Ireland. I thank you for all those beautiful memories.

Remind Robert that I, too, faced problems in my career. I, too, was ahead of my time and so did not fit into the BOX they tried to put me in. Trust me, Robert, you will succeed. When you are dealing with such major problems that affect humans, and you have the answer, you struggle to be heard and accepted. You go against the norm. You dare to think outside THE BOX. Trust us, your work will be accepted and appreciated world-wide. You will be acclaimed for all the effort you have put into your research.

We look out for and guide A. He is going through difficult times. He is a good and honest man. He will come through it. He will become more and more involved in our whole project and will contribute magnificently. He will guide the film project — he will actually enjoy being involved in it. The fact that it will bring enlightenment to the world is important to him.

I will sit with all of you on Monday and will bring as much information through as is possible. So have your questions ready for me. You come together as one single group of people, all working together to bring about a change in the thinking in your world, to encourage people to reach out to each other. It will take time, but rest assured, it will happen.

Each week, more and more people come forward. They find our website. They make contact and want to be involved. This is the way forward. People are beginning to think for themselves, they wish to be free of control. They have spent too many years being controlled by church and state. Enough is enough. Forward we go in truth and light to achieve PEACE, at last, in our world.

Please take some rest, my love. We in Spirit, need you to take this forward. Your workload becomes greater each week. You must learn to pace yourself. We guide everything you do and say. So go forward, my love, in our name. I am so proud of you. We work together for the good of mankind. I am forever at your side. I show you this every day. You are driven by love, a love that will not die. I am forever, your Monty.