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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 16th November 2008

My dear wife, whose loyalty to me knows no bounds, your dedication to our work is quite remarkable. Your compliance, allows us, in Spirit, to mould you as if clay, into our facilitator, thus creating a gateway allowing understanding and truth to be spoken. You are entering a phase of renewal, this action being a most disturbing and uncomfortable process. You are our voice. Words will pour forth. They have to be written down. There is a need for this. All doors must be kept open for me, I am still me. I am just not in my old body. We will achieve all we have set out to achieve. So much information needs to be brought forward. Truth must be revealed. I will not balk at this. It will not be easy for any of us, but this is what we have pledged to do. The chemistry between us continues. Its strength allows us to work as we do. Love is a most powerful force. With you, my darling, and those on this side of life, working towards our goal, I ask you, how could we fail?

You keep returning to Egypt. Yes, that was a very powerful incarnation. We worked as a team there, also, and though I say so myself, we had a certain amount of success. We are remembered there.

So much is being drawn to your attention that is so horrific and disturbing, but we need you to understand the full extent of the corruption in your world. It will be exposed. Respect must be restored, the dignity of Man acknowledged. These people may feel they have power on Earth: but death, my dear, is the great leveller. The voice of the abused must be heard, and justice done, and it must be seen to be done. Change is on the way. Man has lost his way and must be guided to open his eyes to truth and justice. Our connection creates the way forward. Our Cosmic Portal is the answer. It will provide proof positive. So many of these so-called scientific experts have got it so wrong. We will never allow them to be involved in our work.

The views of the corrupt who wish to control Mankind, unfortunately, trickle down to governments around the world. They follow blindly the advice given, allowing themselves to be convinced that they are doing it for the best. They are so easily led. It makes them feel big to work with such important people. How stupid! People must find their voice and refuse to be led like sheep. This is a subject we must keep returning to, until people take it on board. I warned about the recession. How many listened? They would not be in the mess they are in, now, if they had. This recession has been brought about by the few, who want complete control. You will all face difficult times as a result of their greed. Ask yourselves, is this right?

We ask that people open their minds to Spirit. There is nothing to fear, but much to gain. Please send light to the work. Always remember to surround yourselves with light, everyone needs protection. Darkness cannot survive in light. Let the energy of the light flow in your lives. Never lose the connection. Work on it. Together, let us bring light to a world in darkness. The light of truth is becoming stronger, people are speaking out, and they will be heard. If only we had seen things as they really were, when we walked the Earth, but we were all so involved in our own little lives, we did not notice what was going on under our noses, and being done in our name. Too many decisions being made by so few, involving so many lives in death and destruction. I say to you, WAKE UP. You have a responsibility to those who are not in a position to speak for themselves. You will also have to take responsibility for what you have allowed to happen in your name.

Please wish Prudence a very happy 17th birthday. What a lovely young lady she has become. A delight to behold. Those beautiful eyes will break many hearts in years to come.

My love, I am forever present in your life. A very proud husband, indeed. Your Monty.