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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 15th November 2009

We greet you, my dear, from the World of Spirit. We watch over you at this difficult time. You need to take care of yourself: your commitment to Love, Truth and Light is beyond question. I know, my love, I was not good at looking after myself, either. My work was what I lived for: that is, until I met you. Then, with you at my side, I went from strength to strength. You taught me to look after my health and I was happy to do this for you. Now, I ask you to do it for me. I will guide you, you do not need to work 24 hours a day. Take time to see the roses, they are still in bloom. I planted them as a token of my love for you. Enjoy them.

Love, Veronica, love and light are what you are on Earth to learn. Sadly, so few ever learn to love, because to truly love, is to give unselfishly and to open to the light. The darkness that abounds in your world will go to any lengths to stifle the light. Why do you think so many people tried to get close to me, to learn what I was thinking and writing, so that they could counter it. There were those who endeavoured to prevent my work from ever seeing the light of day. Two, in particular, who fought hard to prevent the Scole Report from being published. Remember this, my dear, it was painful for both of us. I was surrounded by people whose motives were not honourable. Please forgive me for bringing them into your life.

The people of the world are learning some very hard lessons. They are coming to realise that they put their trust in the wrong people. They believed the lies and were led, like sheep to the slaughter. Promises were made that there was no intention of keeping. All you got were fine words, beautifully delivered. The evil intent was kept well hidden. Always remember, when casting a vote, you have a responsibility to your fellow man to consider all the options and decide what is best for all men, not just for you and your particular group. Remember, each of you is part of the whole. In God’s eyes, you are all equal and treated as such. In the World of Spirit, there is no dividing line, no creed or race, just Spirit. This causes difficulty when some spirits arrive, and expect special treatment. They have to face a period of adjustment before they can face the reality of our world. As I have explained before, all are on different levels, depending on how they lived their earthly lives. I am free to visit other levels, but they cannot come to my level. When visiting your world, we have to descend to the lower levels. We have to adjust to the fact that your lives are governed by time and we adjust accordingly. To exist without the constraints of a physical body is wonderful. Learn to see the body as the outer garment of the soul. So sometimes, it needs mending or patching, and one has a duty of care to look after it. In time, parts wear out and need attention. You have, around you, highly qualified people to advise you. They are your friends. They want to do only what is best for you. Trust me, they only have your best interests at heart, as do I, my love.

Take time for you. Rest, relax, and give thought to our project. We are as one, you and I. We will overcome the obstacles. Together, we go forward in love and light. I remain your devoted husband, Monty.