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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 12th November 2006

Well, here we are again, linked by love and the desire to share with our fellow man, the knowledge we have acquired since my passing. It is all opening-up, just as I said it would, despite the efforts of my old colleagues to prevent it. Truth can never be prevented from coming out; and you, my dear, have more than enough evidence to satisfy even the most sceptical mind.

Our project on Global Warming is gathering momentum. ASJ is worth his weight in gold. It is rare to find someone of his calibre in your world. He will use his contacts to bring it to fruition. Always be there to assist him, whenever he asks. Robert is getting excited by the progress being made. Try to meet him this week, you all need to be clear on how to progress the plans. Trust me, it will work.

The dishonestly that surrounds you, all watching and waiting for you to put a foot wrong so that they can pounce with comments like, “I told you she was jut a grieving widow. Ignore her and she will go away” or “She is just looking for attention!” As you just stick strictly to the truth, then, they cannot harm you.

The world becomes a more dangerous place, every day, and the scientists lock themselves away, trying to ignore what is happening. It is time they took a more honest stand. They are terrified of stepping out of line and losing face. When they come to the World of Spirit, they will be made to account for their lack of action. Trust me, we are all responsible for our actions, or lack of action.

The people of America are now looking seriously at world events and are trying to remedy bad decisions. Light is coming into the situation. It’s sad that so many have suffered before action was taken.

The Network is determined that people will open their eyes and their hearts and see and accept responsibility for all that has gone wrong in the world. We draw close, but even we have difficulty with closed minds. The results of your endeavours with those two young men at you side, will change the thinking in the world. Remember, our work is God-driven and we will succeed. This is greater than all of us. More and more people are coming on board. The people who ignore me now, will have to explain what they are doing, as opposed to what I am doing. The wheels are turning. Questions will be asked and it will create an interest in our Foundation. Helen Duncan will be pardoned.

People will ask, “Why is Monty’s wife so determined to draw attention to his work?” “Why is it so important?” “Why was it stolen off the computer and out of his garage?” “Just who was he?” “Why was his wife the only person to realise that he was different?”

We are building up the energy and we are pretty close to being able to materialise and be filmed, and I will bring some friends along. You, alone, my dear, know where. It would affect the energy if others knew just where it will happen. We are in the process of fine-tuning it and we will give messages, and a special one for you, my love.

Things are happening in Mexico. Why are so many workers getting ill? It is the spraying of the crops and that is damaging the Earth, too — we must look for new ways.

When the Olympics come to London, questions will be asked about how to deal with pollution. Our Foundation will help answer those questions.

We are on course. Soon, my dear, you will get the help you so badly need. Remember, you are very important to the Network as well as to me, and we are all so pleased and proud of all you have done for us. The Network watch over you, as well as me. I am so proud to call you my wife. Until next week, take care. Your own, Monty.