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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 11th November 2007

Onward we go, my darling, this has been yet another significant week for our work. Please thank Mark on our behalf, for the serious thought he is putting into our work. Though we are guiding him, we need his co-operation, and he gives it willingly. The meeting at the Reform Club went beautifully: gently opening doors, giving food for thought, the perfect setting to relax, to enjoy good company and have the opportunity to talk. Bronwen was the perfect host.

Anthony excelled himself. Again, the perfect host, giving the wonderful guided tour, the memory of which remains with you, forever. He offered solutions to so many of the world’s problems. She had no idea that such solutions existed. She will return. She will also open many doors, otherwise firmly closed to us. We thank him most sincerely. He found time in his very busy life to help further our work, much will come of this.

We are opening so much up to you, that at times, you find yourself talking and wonder, "how do I know that?" As time goes on, we guide you more and more. You will become used to it. Our plans are great and the need for our involvement in your world becomes crucial. So much has got to change. Once you see the full picture, all will become clear. The dishonest triumphed, and so controlled everything. They have caused so much destruction, all for greed. They concentrate on our differences, from religion to politics, and so cause wars and unrest, and mistrust where none should be. You are all God’s children, choosing to live in various parts of the world. There is sufficient food for all. You are there to help each other. Reaching out to others, less fortunate, always brings out the best in people. Our Foundation will open the hearts and minds of all decent-minded people throughout the world. Trust me, my darling, it will happen.

Your meeting on Friday at Moira’s was more important than you imagined it ever could be. You realised that Peter fully understands what you and I set out to achieve. He had hopes, some years ago, of trying to make this happen. The timing was not right then, the correct people were not in place. I pointed out previously that he would be of great help to you. Now, you fully understand how. Try to spend time together, to discuss ways of going forward with the right people on board. He has given the plans of our Foundation to us, and he can bring the people forward who can make it all happen. It will all become clear when our people from America arrive, next Sunday.

The lunch you arranged in the Farmers Club, where everyone can air their ideas on how to bring all this to fruition, will be most useful. We desperately need this ‘get together’, so we can all work together with confidence. There is much to do. People will be brought forward, as and when needed. Peter is a man of vision and has an understanding of life that he wants to share.

I did tell you, my darling, that the end of the year would be eventful and enlightening. I do keep my word. We do not give you dates, as things have to be in place for us to achieve things. The next three weeks, you can expect much, and I will try not to disappoint you. The important thing is, you know without a shadow of a doubt, that all we have planned will happen. The exact timing is all that is in question. Think for a moment of when I will speak to the world. Something that has never happened before. Someone from the other side, visibly guiding them. Because of the link we will create between our two worlds, people will begin to think for themselves, and will open up to what is possible. They will no longer be controlled by Man. Through this, the world will end up as it should have been in the first place, open to the other side.

You will, in the next few weeks, meet many more people who are open to what we are doing, and they will want to become part of it. The Good will come forward. The timing is right.

Our work, my darling, will help create a better world for all. You have the right people at your side to make it happen. The veil will be lifted from people’s eyes and they will see and understand why they are on Earth.

We thank you and those who support you. Know that what you do has the blessing of the highest level. We could not achieve this without you. Have a good week, my love. Our love and guidance is with you. Your own, Monty.