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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 9th November 2008

Veronica, my dear, it is very important that you, and those we can trust, understand our purpose clearly. This is why I guided you to transcribe my words, so they are able to appreciate what is going on, both on Earth and in the World of Spirit. We showed how we are preparing on this side of life. You need to talk with your people, Peter and Simeon: see the full picture and understand the importance of the work of our Foundation. Materialism has not brought all that it promised. Instead, it brought corruption and greed, caused wars and unnecessary suffering to mankind. The New Era is about to begin. Enlightenment will come. I promise it is the answer. The transition will not be easy. The corrupt will fight hard to keep their spoils. So much information, even as we write, is being revealed, and will expose those who for generations, have lived a lie. We guide those people of courage to delve deeply into records, to look again, and question what has been accepted as "Gospel" and to stand up and speak out. You have listened to several, recently, and were excited that they speak our language. Yes, darling, they are paving the way for our work to be accepted without question. I was known in life as a man of honesty and integrity. Unfortunately, I was not aware of the dishonesty of those around me. I apologise from the bottom of my heart for bringing such disreputable people into your life. Forgive me, my dear. They are without honour and will be removed from having any connection with you and I, my dear. Veronica, you were the one person in my life who never ever failed me. You understood me and my work. So many had disappointed me and caused me pain. You were brought into my life when I was at my lowest ebb. I had endured two days in court, supporting a young man who had no intention of ever changing, who broke my heart as I tried to help him. I see so clearly now. Because I was on a higher level, I did not see what others could have picked up on.

You know and understand the work my colleagues and I are involved in, and how it will proceed. You know the great minds involved. So many try to dismiss what you do — “silly old woman”, etc. Think what an eye-opener it will be for them. You know we will succeed. You alone knew I was not just Monty Keen. There is great intelligence behind what we do, it is all planned down to the smallest detail. As I have said many times, I HAVE NEVER EVER BEEN DISHONEST WITH YOU. We in the Network, stand by you and always support you. Look around you at my old colleagues, etc, who have done everything in their power to destroy you and our work. Some have stood up and denounced you publicly. They have not succeeded in extinguishing the Flame of Truth. There are those who have plans to denounce you. They will be silenced. The voice of truth will be heard. This has gone on right through history, but the truth is always revealed in the end.

We have been together in many lives and indeed, lived through the terrible times of the past. You and I, my dear, will show the world what love and truth is capable of bringing about. The right people are coming into your life to help make this happen. I know we give all the information, but we need the right people to put everything in place, to allow us to come forward to speak, and so to guide mankind. Your world is descending into darkness, the light of love and truth has almost been extinguished. This brings disasters. If only people had the strength to look honestly and clearly at everything they are force-fed by TV and newspapers. Look at the people who control all this, and you will be shocked to see how just a few control all. You are only told what they want you to believe. People fought for freedom. Well, that has been systematically removed without you noticing. Only the animals in the wild have freedom, Man does not. Look at what is being planned by governments. Give it due consideration. Refuse to follow, like sheep, down a path you will regret. Stop being led. Think for yourselves.

I know there are questions you would like answered. Trust me, my love, the timing is not right just yet. We will decide and we will continue to work towards our goal. We, on this side of life, support you. I know, darling, it seems like you got all the difficult work. Yes, and I wish I could change that, but greater minds than ours, decide this should be so.

Please thank those who support our work. We will succeed in bringing light into the darkness. We send you love and gratitude. I will forever be your Monty.