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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 8th November 2009

At last, my dear, you have hard evidence of the treacherous behaviour of those I had trusted. The forensic examination of my hard-drive shows everything clearly. Though they tried hard to destroy the evidence, they cannot erase it completely. It just takes a real expert to reveal it. What a pity it was not ready for the Mediation. I always promised that the truth would come out, it was just a matter of going down the right path. The evidence regarding the visitor from the US, who has sought to destroy your reputation publicly, is irrefutable. He pretended to contact his office on the 15th, 21st, 22nd, and 24th of June 2004, when in fact he most certainly did not. I told you what he had done, but until now, you were not able to get the evidence. Now, several people have it.

(There is so much more about what has gone on since Monty’s passing. He speaks also, about his first wife, Jean, and what caused the problems between them. Things that he was not aware of in his lifetime. He failed to see that people were deliberately causing the problems. He sees history repeating itself now, and is regretting not being aware of it.)

Veronica, my dear, when you come to this side of life, nothing is hidden. You see clearly why certain things happened. Our plans are great. We want to get on with them before the evil plans of the few, take over. You understand why certain things happened last week. The need to create fear and hatred of certain people, so they have public support for their plans to invade other countries. How many more young lives must be sacrificed at the altar of greed? Killing is never the answer but it is an effective way of attaining their goal of reducing the population of the world by two thirds, as stated by those in control. It matters not to them, how they achieve this.

The future is bright for those not involved in the conspiracy to control your world. Know this with absolute certainty, that the future for your children and all generations to follow will be filled with love and light, with freedom to explore other planets, to know the universe, and not be limited by thinking that your world is all that is available to you. Religions — the cause of so many problems in your world — will no longer be relevant, and so the need to obey those DRACONIAN RULES that were placed there only to control the masses, will cease to exist. Freedom, at last, to live as God intended. For God, indeed, does exist, but bears no resemblance to what you have been taught. How could a God of Love be that monster who would burn you in hell! See the light. Go forward in the knowledge that you are on the right path.

Veronica, my dear, you and I lived in love and light. That is what disturbed those who live in darkness, so they sought to destroy it and they continue to do so. We thought that we would go on forever. This is precisely what we are doing, it’s just that I am on this side of life, and you continue my work on the Earth level. We, in the Network, support your work with Spirit. More and more information is given to you, so that you may fully understand all that is happening, to enable you to go forward and embrace the changes that are inevitable.

You have much to do. We implore you to rest occasionally. We will succeed. I am forever, your adoring husband, Monty.