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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 6th November 2006

Yesterday went very well, it was a joy for me to watch how you handled everything. The people who came to listen to my tape were truly touched by it and have since given lots of thought to it. You must take every opportunity to talk to people about our work. They will look up our website and may even want to help, and you certainly need that. You actually enjoyed the day and you did not expect to do that. Now trust me, I would not have wanted you to go, if you would have had problems. There was one SPR person there and you dealt with it brilliantly! You can do it when you try!

You will hear from one or two of the ladies. We are trying to bring women forward to work with you. The feminine influence is very important.

[Family information omitted].

I inspire you all the time and it gets easier as time goes on. You are completely tuned into me, and you’ve made it effortless for me. You have achieved so much this year, but next year is when the real work starts. I am trying to prepare you for it. When you used to joke “Your wish is my command” well, now it really is so! Your family are supporting you from this side of life, and your children will, when they understand more, what you are doing they’ll be there for you also.

We are looking at other people to bring forward to work for MKF. It’s important they fit in with the team we already have. We are aware of the fact that you need help, it’s far too much for one person on their own. You need an assistant to do the filing and getting things in date order, all ready for the film and books, etc. You have done a brilliant job on your own, up to now.

We are here for you, we watch over you, we try to protect you at all times. Our plans are great. I’ve told you, many times, we will succeed. One day, you will sit back in amazement when you see just what we have achieved.

I thank you for what you are doing for me today. It was a lovely thought and I do appreciate it. Take care my love, until the next time. Feel my love surrounding you. I never leave you side. Your Monty.