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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 2nd November 2008

It was good to see you spend time with your grandchildren this week, they need to feel that they are still part of our lives. They do not think of me as "DEAD"; they still talk about me and the wonderful family gatherings we used to have.

You have been betrayed by someone you loved and trusted 100 percent. This has caused you deep hurt and sadness. Your heart goes out to her in her confusion. Her betrayal has not made her happy, she is a deeply disturbed lady. For over 4 years her honesty was beyond question, you both enjoyed a close working relationship. Total trust, love and respect, and an enjoyment of each other’s company. You were always there for each other. She has changed out of all recognition. There is nothing of the real person left. You pray that she may see the light and be happy. What she thinks she really wants, will not suffice. There will always be a large gap in her life. We in Spirit, as do you, my dear, thank her for all that she has done for the Foundation. We wish her fulfilment in every aspect of her life. Your sense of loss is very painful, my dear. Look on it as one of life’s hard lessons. In your heart, you knew it was coming. Always remember, one can NEVER lie to oneself.

The one thing you must keep in mind at all times is that we will succeed. These people who cause problems will fade into oblivion. You have seen this happen. The driving force behind our project is greater than all these people could ever imagine. You have so much evidence, proving beyond doubt, that what I tell you is correct and to be trusted. I know I go on about TRUTH all the time, but all the problems in your world are caused by the fact that truth was abandoned and the corrupt took control. In a world of plenty, you see the starving and the homeless. Why has this been allowed to happen. The corrupt become richer and the poor are looked on as the lowest form of life. Each and every one of you started out in life in exactly the same way and will leave in the same way. Man’s inhumanity to Man is so difficult for us to observe. They need to understand that they will answer for their actions. Your world is in turmoil, my dear, there are those desperately trying to take control and to create "A New World Order" and there are those who work hard to open people’s eyes to what is really going on. Governments are being conned into believing that control is the answer to everything. In fact, TRUTH is what is necessary, not control. Religions and belief systems are again, just ways of controlling people. None is based on the WHOLE TRUTH. The Council of Nicea saw to that. Mark my words, my dear, the TRUTH will be revealed and changes will happen as a result, that will create a better world for all mankind.

As you know, there are things that have to be addressed first, that will leave the way clear to go forward with our plans. 2009 will see many changes world-wide. Some terrible, but necessary. Man must learn that he does not control the universe.

You are tired, my dear. There is much that is happening that is exciting. Interesting meetings to arrange, new people to meet.

We go forward in love and truth. We thank those who are with us on this path, they are the chosen ones. You have an interesting week ahead of you. We guide your way with love. I will always be your devoted husband, Monty.