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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 26th November 2006

You, my dear, had a tremendous week. Everything went according to plan. You see, we can do it when we put our minds together.

Your meeting with BA was a joy to observe. She is a lovely lady and you got on so well. She is deeply spiritual and will be a source of friendship also. She is excited by what we are doing and wants to be part of it. I see only good coming from it. She is one of us. Trust me on this.

Now, JS is a tower of strength — a real live wire — capable of going out there and getting things done, and she has the connections. You must bring her into the Foundation. Introduce Robert to her; she loves a challenge and will fit in. Trust me on this. Because we have to choose our people so carefully, it takes a little longer but we are nearly there. J would get on well with SG. I can just see it!

Please thank Anthony for being the delightful host he always is. I love to be there with you. I am delighted with the meeting. Robert must trust me a little more. We in the Spirit World have planned this, and already have seen the outcome. You three are just putting the pieces together. The outcome is assured. E wants to work with me. I am guiding him. He deserves to be recognised for the great scientist he is. I will see to it. He will be acclaimed the world over, and I am so pleased to be able to do this for him. He will be our scientist in the Foundation. We will protect him, the world needs him. This is his big moment, and he trusts Veronica and Anthony. He knows I guide Veronica. So Robert, you need to trust a little more. Believe it will happen and you are almost there.

Robert — Veronica needs your medical expertise right now. We need her to continue this work for many years to come. She has taken over my mantle. She is the guiding light, I guide her every step of the way. She needs support. She is driven, as I was, and she fails to remember she is not young anymore, and needs to look after herself. That’s were you, Robert, come in. I am placing her in your very capable hands. Take care of her for me.

Please, Robert, try to relax your mind and allow me to infuse your brain with our ideas on treating patients. Doctors must change their thinking, you have been aware of this for some years. Through the Foundation, you will open minds to what you know to be true. They will need courage to follow you. They are afraid. Gently lead them to your way of thinking. You will do it: it has been planned. You were chosen many years ago for this role. That is why you and Veronica met all those years ago, and the friendship and trust built up from there. Remember, nothing happens by chance, it’s all part of the big plan. Veronica always knew you were special but did not fully understand why. She had to be there for you at all times; like a mother to you. She knows, now, why you and Anthony meant so much to her. When you met, all those years ago, she was being prepared for the work she is doing with her two young men at her side. Now, do you see how important you are in all this. We in Spirit arranged it thus.

Our work will proceed as we in Spirit have planned. It is flowing more smoothly now and it will gather momentum. I have warned that next year will be quite amazing. They will no longer be able to ignore our work. The dishonesty that we were not aware of, while on your plane, is quite astounding. If only they would see that the world would be a much happier place without it. It is not helping mankind in any way at all.

My old colleagues provide a source of amusement to us. They, who considered themselves experts, are totally flummoxed by what is taking place! They are completely out of their depth, lost in their tiny little cliques, terrified of looking honestly at anything or stepping out of line. You do not need them, my dear, we will show them a thing or two. They can only ignore us for so long!

Tom Jones has really turned-up trumps. He understands our work and is happy to be part of it, and you and he get on well. Keep up the good work.

The joy of seeing you with your family, last Sunday. Trust me, I was there, right beside you, enjoying Simon’s scrumptious roast potatoes. The beef was delicious. Prudence excelled herself — she is quite the storyteller. Memories of those wonderful meals with all the family around the table, the laughter and the sense of belonging, I still treasure. Please try to do it more often. I know that since I passed, you spend your time on my work. I do appreciate it, but you need time for you, too.

We are on course. I told you this would be the lead-up to next year when the whole world will be aware of your work. You need to build up your strength for that. I know Dr Coglan’s letter disturbed you. He has your best interests at heart though he does not understand what drives you.

You and I, my love, make a great team. We always did. But we did not understand the implications of it. We are bound together in love and trust and only good can come from it. My blood family are trying, so many ways, to get to you. How they wish you would just disappear. They attack your computer, etc. But good will always prevail. They are wasting their energy. Greed drives them, and blinds them to anything else.

Wish Ciara a happy birthday. I will look in on her party and enjoy the cake, as always. I love to see the little children enjoying themselves.

Try to have a less frantic week. You so desperately need a break.

Forward we go, my love. Our plans are coming to fruition. I will leave you now. Know that I am forever at your side. My love guides you and protects you. Always your Monty.