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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 25th November 2007

It has been yet another week of surprises for you. We enjoyed sharing them with you, meeting the President of Ireland, Mary McAlesse and her husband, Dr Martin McAlesse. What a delightful couple they make. They showed great interest in our projects, and to your surprise, the President offered to help whenever needed to do so. How kind of them to introduce you to a lady from the Irish Embassy, Grosvenor Square, London, who will pass on any information directly to the President, so you will not have to go through the normal channels. We, on this side of life, were impressed also with the talk she gave. She is a woman of good intent. You will, in time, work together on several things. We need to go forward with the Global Warming issue. She could open many doors and be of great assistance. It is something that causes her great concern, and it should. We are giving you many ideas on how to go forward and with whom.

How good to have our friends from the US here, once again. Alison truly understands what we are trying to achieve. She is ready to work with us on this side of life, also. We had a hand in bringing Albert to our home so he would realise that you, my love, are the person he was told about over 30 years ago. We had to help him to see this. Just think, Spirit were talking over 30 years ago about the work you and I are doing now. How amazing is that! It certainly puts a new light on everything for you. I have explained in the past that you and I were brought together for a purpose. Our love had to be strong enough to be able to withstand my passing. I bask in your love for me, as you continue to feel loved by me, your husband. Remember, my darling, when I used to say, "Love is wasted on the young."

Everyone must make a big effort to build the energy that is needed for me to visit the Earth plane on a regular basis. The building you propose to build, so as to create the sanctuary needed for the work we intend to do, will happen, just as we have described to you. We will provide proof beyond the shadow of a doubt, so as to bring the people forward who are necessary to help provide the building. It will happen just as I told you it would. Help will arrive to enable all this to go forward. We intend to impress everyone. Offers of help, both on the financial side and otherwise, will flow into our Foundation. There will be many people involved from all over the world. Trust me, my darling, everything is on track. It will all just fall into place. This was foretold many, many years ago: we are just fulfilling the prophesy. Everyone, in time, will be able to experience physical phenomena, way beyond expectations, and they will want to be involved with us. A lot of information will be brought to you. It will be of a deeper and more complex nature, to help you to take things forward. Guidance will be available at all times.

As we look to next week, it is another very important week for us. So many people to meet and talk with. At our Board Meeting, you hope to elect three more people to the Board. I, of course, will take my seat on the Board, as usual, to guide proceedings. Some of you will go along to hear Rupert Sheldrake's discussion on Consciousness. Please say hello from me. Consciousness — many talk about it, but so few have any understanding of it at all. What people think they know and what they actually know, are sometimes worlds apart.

Rest as much as possible. So much depends on you. Our future is great, it is full of hope for the future of Man, though big changes must occur first. My love is with you, always. Your Monty.