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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 30th November 2008

I promised you an interesting week, and it certainly was. So much was explained and is now understood. Now you know why certain situations occurred in September. This had certainly puzzled you and you needed to know the truth. It was a case of "shoot the messenger". You are endeavouring, with our guidance, to bring to light, world situations that need to be understood and questioned. By refusing to face the facts, one is guilty of aiding in the deception and corruption. I know it is difficult to see people as DARK and corrupt. You have had to face this in your own life since I passed to Spirit. One rotten apple was all it took to corrupt people I had trusted. Interesting to see that what I told you would happen, did happen. I told you that the rotten apple would see to it that the dirty work was done by others, so that he would appear innocent of any crime. He has a gift for manipulating others. He is, in his own life, totally manipulated, and under the control of ‘she who must be obeyed’. Worry not, my dear, the truth always comes out, no matter who tries to hide it.

Yes, darling, I kept copies of everything, as you found when looking for something. You were rather surprised that I even wrote to my accountant about "my impecunious relatives" (Oct 28th 2002) as well as financial discussions. One should be aware that there are copies of all correspondence. Everything has been moved to a place of safe-keeping, for use in the books you have been requested to write about us, and all that has happened since I passed to Spirit. The interest in us and our work is great. I did warn you of this, and asked that you prepare for it. All we ever wanted, was to be together in love and harmony, safe from all negativity. You were very sensitive to negativity. Now, I understand why you avoided certain people. You found their negative energy too difficult to cope with. I did not fully understand this at the time, when you asked to be excused from meeting certain people, or from having them near you. I fully understand now. I see it all so clearly from this side of life.

It was lovely to hear you and Peter talk [Professor Peter de Rosa], this morning. I guided him to call you. You have remained good friends throughout the 45 years you have known each other. I loved to visit him with you, he is a very special person, and one who values your friendship. He was happy to entertain my sister Helen, as well, when we took her to Ireland with us for the Wexford Opera Festival. Veronica, my dear, you have enjoyed the love and friendship of so many, very special people. You loved introducing me to them as the great love of your life. It made me feel so special.

Things are deteriorating at an alarming rate in your world. I warned of the unrest, and of the controls that would be imposed as a result, by governments, and that such controls will not easily be removed. Why are people not asking the right questions, are they only concerned about their own financial situations? Why are they taking their eyes off the controls that are being imposed? What you saw on the TV News, last evening, was so shocking: not what you would ever have expected to see happen in England. It shocked many people. What will it take for them to act?

I, too, was very proud to see what Maeve did yesterday, to raise money for sick children. The whole of Hampstead supported and enjoyed the event. I kept the rain off as best I could. I would happily have come along with you to help her. I was there, of course, in Spirit, as I will be at the party she is giving for the sick children of Great Ormond St Hospital. I, too, loved to see children enjoying themselves.

When we have our Cosmic Portal, all will be revealed. Everything will become clear. Our two worlds will work together to try to heal all the wrongs and to create peace. I know that this is hard to believe when all you see is death and destruction whenever you see the news. Unfortunately, it will get worse before it gets better. So many are being led astray. False information is being fed to them, to fire them up, and so they become easily led. The architects of this, will have to face the consequences.

It is time for many things to come to a conclusion. Trust me, my love, all is in hand. I surround you with love and protection and I bring forward friends, to be there for you. You are not alone. You and I, as one, forever, in love and harmony. Your own, Monty.