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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 29th November 2009

My dear wife, you are trying to cope with so much right now. Always take Robert's advice regarding your health. He truly cares and has your best interests at heart. We have given one or two people something else to think about this week, as they furiously count their losses. The crises in your world affect every country; even though it was brought about by the few, everyone suffers in the end. The disasters, though they will bring about the demise of many, many people, will also act as a wake-up call to those who believe that money controls all. They, too, will feel helpless and at the mercy of a greater power.

I guided you to the information regarding the return of the Elohim. It confirmed for you the fact that there are others out there getting similar information to you. Yes, darling, it’s scary, but it is also evidence and confirmation that you are on the right path. The importance of spiritual preparation is that it will support you in the difficult times ahead in your world. One must serve to help humanity to achieve its oldest dream, Universal Harmony. Know, with absolute certainty, that you are helping to create a better, more humane, and caring world for the children of today and those that follow. It is my dearest wish to help bring this about. During my life on Earth, I witnessed such greed. It repelled me. I just had to walk away from it all. On the farm, I was at one with nature, it brought me closer to my Creator and the meaning of life. It was there that I researched why we chose to return to Earth. Why we chose that particular path. Why we need to fulfil our purpose. Our Role is mapped out. Sometimes it takes courage to follow it, as you are constantly finding out yourself, now, my dear. It is not an easy path. The corrupt — their criminal acts, their treachery — will be exposed. You have been given the tools with which to do this. You know that things happen in accordance with what has been written. I assure you of this.

There are those who feel that it is they who should be taking on your work. They believe that they are more capable, and so would do a better job. They must accept that they were not chosen. As your dear mother used to say, "Many are called but few are chosen." You, my dear, have put your work with me before everything. Not many would be prepared to do this. You have given 100% to me, now, as you did when you were at my side on your side of life. You rose above the criticism you endured from my family. It saddens me that they resented my happiness. The fact that "I married out," more than once, ensured that those I married were not treated with respect. I apologise for this bigoted behaviour. As far as we were concerned, the love we shared enabled us to rise above it all.

Rest, my love. Our plans are exciting. We are preparing, carefully putting everything in place. I will not let you down. We are endeavouring to put right that which was done. Yes, it has caused us problems and made our path more difficult. The pain it caused you, my love, hurt us, too. My love is yours forever. Your adoring husband, Monty.