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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 1st February 2009

Veronica Keen — I want to share with you today, some of the information from my husband, Montague Keen, so that you will understand why he will not be writing with me for a few weeks. Please understand the reasons given for this decision.

As I reach out across the threshold of life and place my hand upon your heart, I say to you, always stay true to the cause. We had some amazing dreams. You saw in me, and I saw in you, the potential of creating a gateway and a portal through which the hand of Spirit may penetrate and bring forth, not only evidence of the continuity of the human soul and the human psyche, but the continuity of the human experience, as it seeks to unveil its most hidden mysteries. The great journey known as life. I am with many in Spirit, who wish only one reality to become manifest on the Earth plane. PEACE, LIGHT, HARMONY, Unity of Spirit's TRUTH and the REALITY OF THE SOUL, as it touches the many realms of creation. Would that I could bring you into this laboratory of life, and share with you those great souls who ponder upon the mysteries of creation, who seek to work as one with no need for glamour, no need for aggrandisement. Would that I could share with you, the Unity of the Circle, the sphere of Light, that we in this laboratory have built for so long, and seek to share with members of the great planet Earth. Would that I could share with you, the ancient route of this testimony. Would that I could share with you, the portals that extend into realms of creation and Spirit, that even I never dreamed were possible, but which I saw had always been deeply etched within the fibre of my soul and which in some small way, I helped unearth from within the fibres of your soul.

I am suggesting that the communication we have on a Sunday, cease for a while, as the closer I come into your consciousness, and the closer I become with you in Spirit, the more challenging it becomes for me to do the work that must be done, clear of these influences. Albert is one of the very few mediums I can work with. I am greatly disappointed in the SPR, because too many people have spoken for me, when I WAS NOT INVOLVED IN THOSE COMMUNICATIONS — those connected with the SPR and beyond, who are seeking to steal my name and my Spirit. There are too many people claiming to have communication from me, when in effect and IN FACT, I speak through very few instruments. Albert is one who truly channels me. People have always tried to take from me and I see it continuing even while I am here in Spirit. They cannot take from my resources, they cannot take from my bank account, they cannot take from my research, so now they take from my SOUL and from my SPIRIT.

We have much to look forward to in 2009. As 2009 begins to crack, a light emerges from within each of these numerals. I speak on 3 levels.

1  You, Veronica, your personal struggle and sacrifice.

2  The work that I and my colleagues in Spirit, seek to make manifest on the earthly plane, through this vision of the
    portal and place of enlightenment on the earthly plane.

3  The global plane, so this symbol is being presented from the perspective of these three, very different points of view.

I want you, my love, to continue with your quest, UNDAUNTED by the attacks of the ignorant, knowing, in order for this light to fully emerge, and IT WILL before the close of 2009. Be mindful of that light. The work that WE HAVE ENDEAVOURED TO SEEK MANIFEST, WILL MAKE PROFOUND IMPACTS DURING 2009. You must be strong, so that you may, with greater insight, be the recipient of my GUIDANCE, and again I say, Albert, who is in a position of bringing forth inspiration from Spirit. I embrace the Spirit of humanity. I am one who has walked the sands of time from the moment of creation when the Divine Spark of Light and Life exploded out of seemingly nothing and evolved into a creation. Within this great laboratory is Spirit. You are Spirit. We seek to bring forth through this GREAT PORTAL, a REALITY which transcends all time, all cultures, all dimensions, that the TRUTH within the spirit eternal within all souls may be revealed.

Oh, my dear Veronica, I pray, I pray the Great God of all Creation, I pray that the Great Spirit continues to bless you and to nurture you, so that you can stand up against those forces of EVIL who would seek to squelch the light of the Spirit on so many different levels upon the great planet, and I hope that the hopes and dreams that are etched within 2009 may indeed, and in fact, be made Manifest.

As we come across the threshold of A NEW ERA, we are with you. Know who your friends are and know who stands against you. Allow that determination to come from your heart and not from the words of others.

I WILL REVEAL MYSELF when I MANIFEST MYSELF in TEMPORARY MANIFESTATION. You and others will know who we are and from whence we have come, and to whence we shall go. My beloved Veronica, I am so desperately seeking, once again, to laugh with you, to see that joyful, gleeful expression that radiates from your face. I am disheartened by those colleagues who I thought were once with me, but who now seek to rob me, and to use my name in vain.

We make a great team, together we will help create a better world for all. I am, and will forever be, your loving husband, Monty.