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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 18th May 2008

Veronica, my own dear wife, to whom I owe so much: your love and devotion to me inspires so many throughout the world. You gave me the happiest years of my life. With you, I felt complete. My blood family, on the other hand, do not "do happy". They resented you. How foolish of me not to see the depth of their resentment. They had promised me they would look after you, should anything happen to me. Trusting them was one of the biggest mistakes of my life. Can you find it in your heart to forgive me for ever trusting them. I should have taken greater care of the most precious and important person in my life. I promised you, and I repeat yet again, THE TRUTH WILL BE REVEALED. Justice will be done. The dishonest will be exposed. Fear not, my darling, we have everything in hand. You have so much evidence of the abuse you have suffered. The police recorded all the THREATENING PHONE CALLS you received, late at night, after I passed, from OLIVER KEEN and two of his friends. John Dembitz gave an undertaking that the calls would stop. You have tapes of the executors meetings and have given copies to others, for security. Everything to do with my will must be exposed. It has gone on far too long. It was driven by GREED and RELIGION. You and I, my love, lived free of all such restrictions and bigotry. I will expose all religions as man-made control systems, creating divisions and fear among the people of the world. Wars have been fought in the name of religion and the bottom line is that there is just ONE GOD, Creator of All. So where does that leave them? People will only live in peace when all religion is banished, and people become spiritual beings without divisions.

We, my love, have a lot to look forward to. Much is being prepared to take our work to another level. The enlightened are aware of this, hence, so many books out there, dealing with this Great Spiritual Movement. I did warn you of the earthquakes and tsunamis, etc. They have come to a better life. I know how it hurts you to see all this on TV. So much suffering. Trust me, it will serve to make the world a better place for all. I told you that you would see many changes this year. There is so much unrest, dishonesty, greed and corruption. It has to be brought to an end. Drastic measures will be taken, when necessary. It is all part of the Great Plan. Man foolishly thinks he can control the universe. How little he knows.

With our guidance, our CO2 project will take off in June. Important people have very busy schedules and so we have had to be patient. Remember, darling, some things are worth waiting for. Having the right people on board is essential to the success of the project. Tell Robert to be prepared. Try to be ready to go at a moment’s notice, if necessary.

Remember, my darling, you have good and powerful friends on both sides of life who will never let you down. They will support you and defend you against the corrupt. We need you to be free of all contact with such dishonourable people, who think they have been so clever. British justice will deal with them. How foolish of them to think I would stand by, and see you cheated out of what is rightfully yours. They will answer for this, both in life, and in the Spirit World.

Our plans are great. Our work is important to your world. Ensure your people are in step with you, prepared to act immediately when the time comes. Our love drives us forward, no one will change that. I am your very proud husband who sends oceans of love to you. Your own, Monty.