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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 13th May 2007

How nice for me to see you visiting Marcia and watching little Ciara on stage. She is a real "natural performer" and should she choose that path, she could go far.

The sad news of your sister, Eileen, awaited you. I recall visiting her with you. Her fear of death is all that is keeping her on the Earth plane. The churches have a lot to answer for. They place great burdens on people's shoulders and create a fear that no one should have of dying. How many times have I explained, just how beautiful an experience it is. John Mack did also, but look at the language of the churches about it. Enough is enough, this has got to stop. Truth must prevail. Be prepared to go to Ireland. She expressed her wish to be placed in your family grave. That still stands. We in Spirit, have been awaiting her coming for a long while now. Only her fear has kept her from coming. People make conscious decisions either to come or stay. I, on the other hand, was taken. But that is a rare occurrence.

Things are coming together. Your meeting on the 2nd June will bear fruit. Sit around the table and everyone will contribute to the end result. You already know you will get the results you expect, but all the i's have to be dotted and the t's crossed. It is our wish that this should be so. We have been bringing the right people on board. We assure you, success will follow. By following our guidance, success is assured. If only it were that easy when I was on Earth. It's so good to see things from both sides, now. Trust us always to bring the right people on board.

You are concerned at the moment that a certain medium is using my name to impress people. My sort of communication is very new to her, that is her problem. We will decide, in time, whether we will be able to work directly with her. You miss Peter, terribly. He will return. He is on a much higher level than most, that's why it was so easy for him.

A's mother has come to Spirit. Please assure him she is finding it very much to her taste. She is enjoying being reunited with her family and friends, as she was a very sociable lady, while on Earth. All is well, please assure him of this. They will communicate.

Our big plans must wait a little, until we get you 100 percent, or as near as is possible. You are on the right road to it now. We show you daily, and give you information continually. Sometimes you wonder "how do I know that?" There is so much we need you to know and understand. Darling, with all that we hope to achieve, it is a great challenge. But we feel sure you will cope admirably. You do it for me. We influence so much more now. We are constantly guiding people and they are responding all around the world. The people will make the right decisions. Politicians will never have full control again, the people's voice will have to be heard.

Our old friends in psychical research are remarkably quiet these days. They do not know how to deal with our work together, and because they caused you so much trouble and stress after I passed, they cannot approach you now. Some among them have "lost their voices" and are keeping quiet in case they are exposed. Remember, I pointed out in a séance, a certain F. never had an original thought in his life, and was constantly feeding off people like me. Because you have got me to protect you, they have to keep their distance now. What a collection of hypocrites, all of them; not an original thinker among them.

We, on the other hand, are bringing good people on board our project. It's got to be built on solid foundations, as it will go on long after you've left this mortal coil, my dear. You are building for the future, for a world that is peaceful and caring. We will lead the way. Timing my love, it's all down to timing. We have everything in hand. Had you had any idea of the planning that's gone into this, you would have run away. I had to lead you gently in. We work in many countries, but as yet, only a few people are conscious of the changes happening around them.

Please wish Alexander a very happy birthday tomorrow. We in Spirit, watch over him. He will go far. Please ask him to buy some books as a gift from me. I will guide him on them at the Antique Book Sale. His love of books is so like mine.

Try to build up your strength to go to Ireland for your sister's funeral. It will be nice for you to be with your extended family again; though it is in sad circumstances.

We have everything in hand. Yes, darling, I know, we do all the planning, etc. You, on the other hand, do the hard work. We will support you and everyone on board. Trust me. We are on our way.

Now, I know I constantly ask you to rest as much as possible, but please do so. Every day, you become more and more conscious of Spirit. That is as we planned. We send so much love to you, it shines forth from you to all who meet you. Rest now. I am, and always will be, your loving husband, Monty.