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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 11th May 2008

What an exciting week it has been for you, my love. We in Spirit, shared your exhilaration. AT LAST THE TRUTH IS BEGINNING TO COME OUT ABOUT MY OLD COLLEAGUE, ***. If only he had continued as he started out. But his massive ego took over. He became a figment of his own imagination. Look at all the professorships he gave himself, etc. He set out to convince every one of his importance and so people foolishly took him at face value. They must now question their judgement and face up to the terrible mistakes they have made. So many, out there, owe you, my love, an apology, to say the least. The U of A as yet, does not fully understand the damage he has done to this field. People followed him like lemmings, blindly accepting everything he has said without question. Even you could hardly believe that he would come to our home and pretend that he needed to use MY COMPUTER to keep in touch with the U of A. As you knew nothing about computers at that time, you believed him. What you never suspected was that he was stealing my research which you knew all about. I was HORRIFIED. I needed you to understand what he had done. I kept telling you, and you have it on several tapes. THE EVIDENCE IS ON THE HARD DRIVE. I pleaded with you to get an expert in, to get the EVIDENCE. And when you did so, you were so upset that you had allowed *** to use my computer. You sent the printout to the President of the U of A. He called you a few times, but failed to act on it. Now, at last, the U of A is beginning to take seriously the accusations against G.S. He has done this to so many. Sadly, there are many dishonest people in this field.

You, my darling, knew of the importance of the research that I worked tirelessly on, in the last years of my life on Earth. Remember how you used to joke with me, when you brought drinks and treats to my study, and you saw me studying the Bible, the Koran, etc. You pulled my leg about how I must be going ‘all religious’ on you! As I explained to you, I had begun to remember past lives, and as I had my nap each day at 3pm, I was given the information I needed, and excitedly, I checked out all that I was shown. Suddenly, everything became so clear to me. You shared my excitement. We knew what a difference this information would make to our world.

Alas, *** did not understand it, and so he showed it to several people, and tried to change it, to read as he would have liked. Perhaps now, people will understand why he conducted such a vicious vendetta against you, my love. He had to prevent people from knowing the truth. He tried so hard to discredit the work that you and I do. He has, my dear, a lot to answer for.

I am pleased that you discussed my materialisation at your board meeting on Monday. I cannot stress enough the importance of being prepared. Each knowing his role and the importance of getting to you without delay. So you see, *** had to be dealt with, before this occurs. He would have tried so hard to create obstacles for you, and we in Spirit, cannot allow the likes of him to interfere with our plans. He may still consider himself the "BIG MAN", but we see him as someone to be pitied.

Thank Mark for taking you to R.P. What we show you is just our way of showing you what will happen, so that you are prepared. You have very special people around you now. Their intentions are honourable and you all blend well together. You need their support and they will be there for you.

The presentation you went to on Friday, which should have been about Francis Bacon and Shakespeare, took you completely by surprise when it became a talk about the spiritual changes that are happening in your world and how it will change the thinking, etc. Yes, darling, you guessed: we had a hand in that. Mark Finnan is a deeply spiritual man and that was far more important for you all to hear. We needed you to see this side of him, and you created a link with him. He is a man of good intent, who has an understanding of our work, though he had never heard of either of us. You will meet again. Do thank Peter for creating this important link.

As I heard you say this week, "we are on our way". Your excitement is great to see. Only the honest will come forward to work together to create a better world for all.

Veronica, my love, I am so proud of you. Together, we will achieve so much. Enjoy the sunshine. I know it is easy for you to go for walks to the places where you and I walked hand in hand in love and harmony. Just know I am you, and you are me. I know you understand this.

Until we write next week, enjoy your life and be proud of all you have struggled to achieve. I am forever, your loving husband, Monty.