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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 3rd June 2007

Forward we go, my darling. The meeting yesterday was Robert's first step towards acknowledgement, world-wide, as the pioneer of stem cell research, because that is exactly what he is. There is not anyone on the earthplane with knowledge to compare. His understanding of them and how they work is second to none. The ideas you and Martin came up with should be followed through. We in Spirit are ready to run with it. Robert must learn to trust our judgement. The world has had to wait too long already for this. So much suffering can be eradicated with stem cells. Robert — your time has come. Go with it and trust us to look after you. You were chosen for this work many years ago.

Sharing our work with George and Margo was a joy to see. Yes, it was speaking to the converted, but it meant a great deal to them, and it pleased you also, to see their reaction. Yes, there are some lovely people out there, who would love you to share all you know with them. And some, of course, will not be ready. They will in time. A little patience is called for — yes darling, I did not have too much of it, either!

Jo is a good and honest person who will advise, as well as being a friend to you. She is guided by Spirit. You already know you can trust her. She had a lot of respect for me and my work also. She feels she is working with me through you. She is giving it thought and will discuss her conclusions with you, and you will not be disappointed.

Please wish Abigail a very happy birthday. I do enjoy your family birthdays, they are such grand affairs. I always loved going to them.

I showed you the university I will come to. We are trying to fit our timing with theirs. All you need to know is, yes, it will happen. They need to be filming for it to work as we want. It takes real organisation to achieve the results we hope for. A lot of planning has gone into this, and yes, I know the thought of it excites you also. Remember, the downside is the world's Press. You have seen them in action in other situations and they are scary. You know your close friends and family will support you when it happens, and you know you can trust them. Yes indeed, Bronwen is a very special person who is known and loved by Spirit. They chose her to be at your side when everything comes together. Ban Ki-moon is also someone very special. You and Alison are excited, as he is turning out exactly as I told you a long time ago, before he was ever considered for the UN office. You will enjoy meeting him. He will bring about many changes for the better in your world. You see, my love, we are bringing forward good people who will try to improve conditions for all — not just the few. Again, my love, it is all down to justice for all.

Eileen has hardly stopped talking since she got here — she is making up for lost time. She would like to thank the family for all the effort they put into making her funeral a memorable occasion. She wants them to know she did not miss a thing. The music was a lovely idea.

You talked with Neil. He is disgusted that you are expected to go to Suffolk for a meeting. He is a good man and knows the law inside out. Anthony would like to advise also; another good and honest man, who is alarmed at the dishonesty you have had to deal with. He has, of course, access to the Law Lords, should things prove difficult. We need to remove all negativity from your life.

Our connection is something you never expected to be this strong. Love conquers all. How could a love such as ours ever fade. You are me and I am you. Yes, we are one soul. When the negative has been removed, you will flow onward surrounded by Spirit, to achieve all that we have set out to achieve. We will succeed. We have never for one moment stopped loving each other, and everything we do is in the name of love. In the light of this, we could never fail. Remember always, how proud I was to introduce you as my wife. This has not changed.

You are aware of, and feel my love, at all times. I repeat, I will never leave you. You will always be my wife. Your ever loving, Monty.