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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 4th May 2008

We, on this side of life, are busy preparing to take everything on to the next level. We showed you what to expect and prepare for. The reason we showed Mark, was so that our Inner Circle will understand how it will affect them. A Plan of Action must be discussed at your meeting tomorrow, we cannot allow anything to be left to chance. It will be a time of high emotion and excitement, like nothing any of you have ever experienced before. You must connect with each other immediately. We in the Network are aware of the massive responsibility we are placing on all of you. Each of you must be clearly aware of your role, never ever deviate from "the plan". You, my love, will need all the support your family and our Directors can give. Your life will never be the same, ever again. We will show your world what real love can achieve.

Do thank Bronwen for hosting our meeting tomorrow for me. Ask them to open up to me more, then I can give information directly as I did with Mark. Peter and Mark have been discovering many secrets that have been kept hidden from Mankind. We intend to expose the DISHONEST on all levels, this is very important. Then the world will start anew with honest people in power. The churches, plus all other religions, will answer for all the dishonesty they have used to control the masses. Then, and only then, will people see the LIGHT, and understand life and how it should be lived. We in the Network are so grateful to you, my love, for your determination to see this through, and accomplish all that you and I set out to do. No one ever suspected what a great team we were.

Wish Marcia a happy birthday for the 6th. This is an important year for her, she will see many changes in her life. I will be at your little family gathering, this evening. I am aware that when I ring the bells to announce my presence, she is disturbed by it. She will, in time, welcome the sound of the bells. Maeve takes it all in her stride. She is more open to our work. This pleases us, as when Alexander is ready to step forward, she will support him in every way. She is aware of what an extraordinary young man he is. His role in your world is already clearly defined. He will be a leader of men. It was no accident that he was born to Maeve, so that he would have a close connection to you, my love. Trust me, all will become clear as it unfolds.

As you sit together tomorrow, look around you, and marvel at how the Network brought you all together. You would never, ever have met, without some great plan in action. 2 Irish, 1 Dutch, 1 Welsh, 1 English and 1 American who cannot be with us tomorrow: all from such different backgrounds, yet all working in harmony. Each having a very important role in creating a better and more honest world for all mankind. I promise that in time, I will reveal who I really am. It would not be good for you to know, right now. Much will be made clear this year.

Relax and enjoy some special family time, this evening. I, of course, will have a G & T served with love by your own fair hand. You and I have much to look forward to, there are so many in Spirit, excitedly watching and supporting us in all we do. Enjoy your week. I am forever at your side, guiding you. So much love shines forth for you from Spirit. I am your adoring husband, Monty.