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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 27th May 2007

You have had an extremely difficult week, and I would like to thank Simon and Marcia, for being at your side in Ireland. The Irish certainly make a big production of it all. They see it as paying respect to the dead. It was not easy for you, knowing what you do, to listen without comment. The older generation are locked into their traditions and are happy with them.

You have worked hard, since returning, to get everything up to date. You remembered how I used to rush to the computer also, as soon as we returned from a trip abroad. I see more and more of me, in you, each day. We in Spirit, truly appreciate your dedication to our work. In time, when you see the results, you will see that it was well worth the effort.

You had two very positive emails this morning. Two good men, ready to go forward with our projects. They must understand that your health is not good, and so must make allowances for that. People always expect so much of you. I am afraid I am guilty of that, too.

The lawyer in the US, who talked with you, is a good man who wants to get to the truth. As we, in Spirit, have done much to bring this about, it is important to co-operate with the case in America. It took you by surprise, though I had said, many times, that the dishonest will be exposed. There is no hiding place for them now. Justice will prevail.

We really do have ways of influencing quite a lot, now. That's why so much is opening up now. We are exposing corruption in many countries. People are getting the courage to ask questions, they will no longer be controlled by fear and intimidation. We hope that will become a thing of the past. Religion is already losing control. The fear they try to instil in people is fading. I am doing much to ensure this.

Your lawyer is trying to sort out the lies, deceit and downright dishonesty, regarding my will. They, too, will be publicly exposed. Did they really think they could abuse you and get away with it. Did they expect me and the Network, to abandon you. They have a lot to answer for; and trust me, answer they will. D. will pay dearly for his part in this. He was the instigator. I watched in HORROR as I saw him deceive and corrupt everyone concerned. He forgot he was dealing with Montague Keen, who sees all now. Your work for Spirit is of extreme importance, and so people who try to disrupt it will be dealt with severely. I will speak publicly on this, when the occasion arises.

We must go forward, my love, so much in the pipeline all ready to go. We have been busy preparing the way. You must return to the US, there are many there who want you to speak. Just remember how successful it was, last time. All you need is the strength to do it. Remember, it just flowed from you, last time. I will be at your side again, ensuring all goes well. You managed to open a few minds in Ireland. It's all a question of sowing the seeds and watching them grow. You know you can do it, and you feel so good when you open minds to the reality of the afterlife, and their Spirit awakens and they want to know more. Trust me, they are ready for it.

You see and feel my presence even more now. It's as if I am everywhere. This is done to give you the confidence to go forward with all our projects.

You are tired, my dear. Rest and look forward to much. We have so much to reveal to you, and we have only just begun. I live on, through you, on the Earth plane. Never forget how precious you are to me. Your husband, always. Monty.