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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 27th April 2008

Please say a big "thank you" to Maeve for me, for making your birthday so special. She connects more to me than she realises. She derives great joy from giving and making people happy. If only there were more like her in your world.

So much is being exposed. People will be seen in their true colours. There are those to whom MONEY is GOD. They have much to answer for. They have brought your world to its knees. Their dishonesty, double-dealing and corruption, will be dealt with. Their days are numbered. I promised changes on a world scale. We, on this side of life, are determined this happens without too much disruption to the honest people of the world. The powerful and dishonest decided to control the masses through deception and lies. So much has been kept from the so-called man-in-the-street. But, my dear, the man-in-the-street is now well-informed through the medium of TV and computers. Education is now available to most people. Questions will be asked and people will demand honest answers. Not just governments, my dear. Religions are just as guilty. They, too, have a lot to answer for. The sense of anticipation you are feeling is all to do with what you are tuning-in to.

I guided you today, to pick up the leaflet you wrote just a few months after my passing. You did not realise that you knew so much then. On the front, you wrote, "People die only when they are forgotten". Inside you wrote, "I welcome you here, today, to celebrate the continued existence of my beloved husband, Montague Keen. We had promised each other that whoever passed over first, would do their utmost to prove the existence of an afterlife. I do not think I could have produced the amazing evidence my husband has, even hours after his transition." You wrote, "Montague is now part of the NETWORK on the other side, with all the great investigators of the past, and it is their wish to impart information through to us. They say the timing is right. Montague was taken to complete his work on the other side and for me to complete it on this side". You, my darling, also wrote, "I dedicate my life to his work, now, as I did when he was on Earth". No one could have done more than you, my love, to bring this information to a world that was so dismissive of you when I passed. They had no understanding of our deep bond of love and trust. In hurting you, my love, they hurt me, too. You alone, knew the real Montague Keen. The world will listen when the timing is right.

You are gathering our people together to discuss and prepare. Consequently, you will be better prepared in June, when all our people are together. The negative forces are busy trying to preserve all that they consider theirs by right. They will fight a hard battle, use every trick in the trade to get you off-course. There is much to deal with, on all sides, for your world to survive. It is now four years since I passed, and the bond between us becomes more and more powerful as time goes on. That is something my old colleagues never ever expected. That is why they burnt their boats so quickly. They really thought you were "a five minute wonder". That is what you call, really getting it wrong!

Sorry, love, I've gone on a bit. Now and the future is what matters. You will have discussions tomorrow. Worry not, my darling, I will be there. It's too important not to be. It has to be done as I have discussed several times already. There must be no deviating whatsoever. In time, they too, will understand. I know and accept it’s a big responsibility for you to undertake, as it is history in the making.

Veronica, my love, you are so right. I listened yesterday, as you were pointing out that the word, LOVE, is the most abused word in the dictionary. It is bandied about without any conception of the meaning of love. So few in you world ever know love. They just think they do. To truly love another human being is the greatest gift. It is as though the blind is removed and everything takes on a completely different meaning. All the money in the world cannot buy it. LOVING is GIVING, and GIVING is LOVING.

Look forward to an interesting week. Some serious discussions and some fun family gatherings, as well. My love surrounds you, my other half. I remain your loving husband, Monty.