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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 23rd March 2008

Easter Greetings, my love. It is so good that we can communicate in so many different ways. We try to give you the full picture. I know it is hard for people to accept that you, my dear wife, are part of this great plan, and not one of the accepted "experts" in this field. You were chosen by those greater than these experts. They are not aware of your experience in past lives. Even you, my love, are not cognizant of it as yet. When we feel you are ready, we will reveal all. You have more than enough to deal with at present. All will be revealed in the fullness of time. Trust me, my love, you always did.

How lovely to see our home filled with flowers. Please thank the children for them. The energy their laughter created was beautiful, this should happen more often. You were blessed with a happy family, and the grandchildren have all bonded beautifully. Be proud, my love. Each is always there for the other, as it should be in all families. I, too, enjoyed our get-together. You had much to discuss. That was necessary, now you should go forward with the support you needed.

Please prepare for your meeting next week. Ask everyone to put their cards on the table. Talk through any concerns they may have. Ensure that everyone understands fully what we intend to achieve, nothing can be left to chance. This is too important. You just cannot allow anyone else to become involved until each one of you has a clear understanding and is fully accepting of our programme. This is NOT just a husband and wife, proving that life does indeed go on, on another level, this is far greater than you could ever imagine. This is not the time to bring new people in. We will guide you on this. Nothing can be left to chance. The Network cannot allow anything to get in the way. We ask and hope to get total commitment from all of you. It would be good if Alexander could be present. He needs to prepare for the work he will undertake to do. He, my dear, will step into my shoes. He will continue the work I began. He is my true successor.

Your world is facing uncertain times. People must take responsibility for their actions and, at times, their lack of action. Nothing should be taken at face value, ever again. You owe it to your fellow man to get things right. Learn to look behind the rhetoric, no matter how fine it is. What it promises may sound great, but ask yourselves, is it too good to be true? Man fought for the right to vote. It is your responsibility to get it right. Corruption was accepted as the norm, now look at the result of that. Politicians must be answerable to those whose lives are affected by their decisions. The people must have a say in what is done in their name. To create a better world for all, things have got to change.

As soon as the conditions are right, I intend to speak. You know this has always been my plan. Then, my love, you will have all the help you require, to create our Portal, so that we can come and give all the guidance necessary, directly from our world to yours. Just think, my darling, how many years it has taken for this Great Plan to come to fruition.

Please be there for Albert. He is a dear soul, a good man. His work is not over yet.

Veronica, my dear, we are aware of the many sacrifices you have made, so that you can do for us, what we in Spirit require of you. Nothing goes unrecognised. Try to take time to rest, to prepare for the next steps. Our plans are great. Never even for one moment allow anyone to create doubt in your mind. We will succeed. We love and guide you, my dear wife. Your husband, Monty.