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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 18th March 2007

Mothering Sunday, and here you are, surrounded by the most beautiful flowers, gifts and cards. Please may I add, you were, my love, Mother to all of us. The sense of love and belonging, whenever we were all together, is something I tap into now and again, just to remember the laughter and family atmosphere. It meant a great deal to me and I know it does to you. Your next gathering will be for Charlotte, and of course, I, too, will be there.

I guided you, yesterday, to listen to a tape made last November. It was important that you refresh your memory. Please send a copy to Anthony. He will understand what is required and act on it. He is our chosen person to see this through. He will, in fact, enjoy it. I cannot imagine anyone better to oversee the whole project, he is certainly qualified to do so, and his connections are second to none. We protect and guide him as much as is possible. I am often at his side and now he has become aware of my presence, and that pleases me. You, my dear, were blessed with the friends that you have had. They have all been very special people to whom honesty and integrity is important.

Robert and Wendy will complete their family, next week. I am keeping an eye on that situation also. It is the fruit of their love and they are both quite excited, awaiting their new arrival. Robert needs to slow down a little — Superman could not keep up with Robert, at times. He must take time to enjoy his new family. I know I have said many times, he will in time, be recognised as a great medical scientist and a doctor par-excellence. He has retained so much knowledge from past lives and he is guided by the great medical people on our side of life, who encourage him to help change the medical thinking in your world which is so restricted and controlled. Free-thinkers are not encouraged. He will succeed and be acclaimed.

The World of Spirit is so close now. We show ourselves to so many. We guide and open people’s minds to so much more. Of course, the Old Guard are still stuck in their groove, terrified to look outside it. I never realised how rigid they were when I got involved in their arguments, etc. They are terrified of Spirit. They can write about it, but that’s all intellectual. The idea of experiencing Spirit scares them to death when, laughably, they become Spirit. How ridiculous is that, I ask you? It’s all great in theory, but ‘Lord protect me from it’, is their motto! They fail to intellectualise that they are, in fact, Spirit in Flesh. And so they continue to amuse you, my dear, as well as us, in Spirit.

You wish, my dear, that more people were aware of Spirit. You feel it would prevent Man's inhumanity to Man. They would understand life better, knowing they will answer for all their wrong-doing. They feel that if they do not believe in an afterlife, it will just go away. They do not want to accept that we are all answerable to One who is greater than all.

You have noticed we are opening people's minds. Questions are being asked, especially in the USA. The Old World Order is being questioned. People will look for honest politicians, teachers — people in all walks of life whose lives interact with ours. Far too much has been kept hidden from "the man in the street". The greed of the West has caused Africa to suffer. That has got to end. We are all equal in the eyes of God.

I will speak out on all of this when we materialise, and we will do so, just as soon as the scientists get the energy right, and they are nearly there. We try to help them but you know how it is, love, they think they know it all! We are very excited by this, it will be the first time in history that the Spirit World will be able to physically guide Man. Some will be excited and delighted, others will refuse to accept it, just like now. It will not suit them to know the truth. They will continue to pursue money, come what may!

You need to speak to Tom Jones about something I made known to you, yesterday. He will understand. Thank him for all his help. He is a good man and he has a good understanding of Spirit, which enables him to work with you, my love.

Enjoy the remainder of your day. Enjoy the chocolates Maeve brought you. Do not tell Robert! All the flowers are truly magnificent and the other presents also. It's lovely for me to share in it with you. You refused to go out to lunch because you write with me. I would have excused you. As always, you put me and our work before all else, and we in Spirit are grateful to you for it. Take my love and know I am at your side, always. Your Monty.