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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 16th March 2008

Yes, it has begun. The collapse leading to recession world-wide. The Old World Order has to be removed for the New World Order to commence. I have asked in the past that you do not see this as a disaster. It is necessary. The corrupt are being removed, exposed, so that lessons will be learned. This is the end of their reign. Mark was the first to notice what was happening and to remember my words of warning. To change the thinking in your world, this has to be seen to happen. Last year, we were preparing you for this. For your world to survive, you will have to cope with many changes.

You had very good news this week. Something you have worked hard to achieve, and with my energy supporting you and guiding you, our CO2 project has now got the go-ahead. The money is being provided. Please thank all those who have had a hand in making this happen. The WHOLE WORLD will benefit and so it will be a better place for all. Each and every one of you had a role to play. Now, you see what can be achieved when you all work together. People must understand that without the support from us in the World of Spirit, nothing can go forward. That lesson should have been learned last year, when a certain person, who should know better, tried to go it alone. All he succeeded in doing was wasting one year. Greed must never, ever come into the equation.

New doors are opening. New contacts coming forward. There is much support for our work. You were surprised at my choice of words when I was showing you why I incarnated. My mission was to bring enlightenment. I told you that when I decided to go, "I chose the first available vehicle". We do not choose our mothers before we come. I can tell you, my love, you did exactly the same. But no matter where in the world we "arrived", our paths were meant to cross so we could commence our work. They decided you were ready to cope when they took me from you. We tried to make it as easy as possible, that is why you were constantly aware of my presence. We are aware of how painful an experience it was for you to lose me.

It surprises me that there are people who do not, as yet, fully understand that my role in all that will happen is paramount. There are some things that simply cannot be changed. I am the driving force and it saddens me that someone should think otherwise. Ask "what is the real reason behind the request?"

People must look to what I have said, both in my writings with you, and during séances. I made everything quite clear. As ever, people will only see what they want to see, and soon there will not be a choice. Please arrange a séance soon, so I can speak directly to all of you. It is so good to be able to do this, then I can answer all questions.

I am delighted, my darling, that you are having a family gathering over Easter. I will, of course, demonstrate my presence in the usual manner. The gathering you have arranged after Easter is important for several reasons. It would be good if Peter would be kind enough to give his views on how he sees things progressing. He has a wonderful way with words. We in Spirit, thank him for his immense input. The countdown has begun, things are happening according to plan, we will achieve much this year. You must be ready and willing to go forward and to support each other. Remember, you were chosen for the roles you are playing. Each one of you is important for the success of our mission.

Remember, I have warned many times that there are people on both sides of life and they come in all guises, who will try to prevent what you are doing. They will give "good reasons" why things should be as they advise. I, Montague Keen, am the only guide you need to listen to. This has been planned for many years. We cannot allow anyone to be lured off course. Remember, the right actions happen at the right time. The timing has got to be right and you must leave that to us to decide.

Please, darling, wish everyone a very Happy Easter. We thank them for their support in all that we do. Enjoy the Easter gatherings. Yours is a very tough role for someone of your years. Know that I am at your side every step of the way. There is not a moment of the day or night that I am not with you, and you are aware of this. When, one day, you see the result of your hard work, you will see that it was certainly worth all the effort and heartache necessary to make it happen.

Try to relax and enjoy some family life again. We in Spirit, send you so much love. We are here for you at all times. You are never alone. I am forever, your loving husband, Monty.