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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 11th March 2007

Greetings, my love, how nice to see our garden bathed in sunshine. We really loved being in the garden, close to nature and Spirit. It was so peaceful and relaxing. You must, when the weather gets better, spend more time out there. I promise I will be there with you, just as I used to.

Robert is now much more confident and eager to go ahead with our plans. The meeting Anthony arranged with the lawyers has removed any lingering doubt he may have had. Thank Anthony on my behalf. When you are well and strong again, you will meet them also. Everything will flow smoothly now, Spirit will see to that. Robert should spend more time on it, just to get it off the ground.

You will regain your strength and go forward to bring our message of hope and peace, and pass on the knowledge you have acquired since I passed over. You will enjoy doing so, once you get started. It is putting your head over the parapet and exposing yourself that is frightening. But once you do it, you will take it in your stride and actually enjoy it, knowing you do it for me.

As promised, dishonesty is being dealt with. We are exposing it in the political world, first. Then it will follow, right down through organisations, businesses, societies. It would be too much for Man to deal with everything at once. It will be a trickle effect. People have abused their positions for too long and became so powerful in the process. At last, Spirit are in a position to expose it. They will lose their control and the world will be a better place through it. We are determined to succeed. We must restore balance in your world.

Religions have also used control and dishonesty to control the masses. This is not how it should be. What happened to "Love your fellow man, reach out to the less fortunate"? They do things in the name of God, when in fact, it is in the name of Man. Religious intolerance is so not what life is about. That is why at a very early age I determined not to be involved in any religion. I saw its faults even then, much to the annoyance of my family. War after war was fought in the name of God. Religion was used as a label for people. That was never a part of the Divine Plan.

Our plans will go forward. We are just giving you a little time to sort out your health. M.M. will come to England soon, to work with you. She will enjoy and become involved in some of our projects. Our team will expand. We look for the right kind of people both in England and the USA. You are surprised at the quality of the phone calls and emails you are receiving.

Do try to meet Anthony and Robert, this week, to discuss how to put our project into action and which countries we wish to manufacture in. It has got to be watertight. Anthony has got all the right connections to do this. It is essential to get this out to the world ASAP. Governments will want it, they all want to be seen to be dealing with it and there is no better way than this.

You were shocked at what you saw on the web, yesterday, about me and the lies. S. has got away with it for too long. Take time to look through it, try not to be upset, look at it objectively. Mark the lies and inaccuracies. See it as part of our books, film and documentaries, when we decide to go public. You, my love, have all the evidence. You even have evidence on tape of that person trying to make you accept as correct, what you knew to be totally untrue, and you argued and stuck to your guns — evidence, my dear. The Spirit World have had to stand by, over the years, and watch the dishonest succeed. Well, now all this has come to an end. They will be exposed and will have to deal with the consequences.

We will bring forward honest people for you to work with, my dear. Robert will go ahead with his research and be recognised, and be acclaimed for his work. He must try to open up more to Spirit.

Rest, my love. We are depending on you to bring everything out into the public arena. We would not ask you, my dear, if there was the slightest possibility you would fail. Take time for yourself. Life should not be all work. I am forever at your side. I prove this every day and that pleases you. There is no limit to what we will do this year. Trust me, darling, it is exciting for us, too. Feel my love surrounding you and protecting you. Your Monty.