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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 9th March 2008

What a week it has been. So much information flowing in from all directions, it is hard to keep up with it all. But it is important to study, and talk it through together. It is evidence for our book. People are becoming aware of Spirit again, noticing Spirit lights — not easy, as the pace of life in your world does not leave much time to stop and be aware of all that is happening all around you. You know, darling, that we in Spirit are now closer than ever in the history of your world. We are able to create more opportunities for such manifestations. I reminded you of the photographs of such lights in our garden, that you took, shortly after I passed to Spirit. You had forgotten them. You, my love, have been privileged to experience so much more than most, as you had me doing my utmost to show you that I am still with you at all times.

Yes, 2008 is a very important year. Sadly, only those who are open to Spirit will be aware of this. The others will end up being dragged, kicking and screaming that they alone are right in their beliefs. They cannot be seen to look honestly at anything. They have had very profitable lives. Fame and fortune, stating the opposite. Do not waste your time on such people. Accept that they just cannot be seen to have got it wrong, no matter how obvious to all that they are totally wrong. I, too, was up against such people, over and over again in my life on Earth. Trust me, darling, I do know how frustrating it feels. There will come a time soon, when they will "see the light". Let us see how vocal they become then. It will not be easy for them to have to admit they got it wrong.

Peter is right about the gold serpents. Yes, dear, they are important. That is why it was so vivid and memorable. We needed you to know this. We find it easier to show you, as it makes a deep impression. It is important for you to understand why you and I came together, and so understand the reason why we can communicate on this level. When we create the sacred vortex in the Montague and Veronica Keen Foundation building, then the World of Spirit will be open to all. We will be able to speak directly. You know it is my dearest wish. You, my love, are making it possible for me to achieve.

John Mack was aware of the lovely photograph you were sent. He asks that you remember him, as he is on this photograph, not as you last saw him. He was aware of your distress when you saw his broken body. You sat with him, the tears just flowed. He so wanted to reach out to you, then. That is why he was so delighted that he was able to come to talk with you through your séances. He asks that you reproduce what is written by the photograph.


He asks that people take note.

Tell Peter, I will work directly with him. There are certain things we do not want to go out on our website. Too much information, dear fellow. I know you understand. I will answer all your questions in séance. We do enjoy the direct communication.

You, my dear, had an interesting meeting this weekend. The interaction was good to observe. You have certainly given him food for thought. It was an experience he will not forget in a hurry, it made a deep impression on him. Good girl, you answered all the questions without hesitation. He is a good fellow, you will meet again. He has a good insight into what we are about.

All will work out as planned. In your heart, you know this. Please take time for you. I know the excitement is great at times. Remember, you need to relax, also. We are linked in love forever. Your very grateful husband, Monty.