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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 4th March 2007

Again, another difficult week for you, my love. Robert is doing his best and has your best interests at heart. We both trust him completely. I am sorry to say there will be more tests carried out that will distress you. Because you have put me and our Foundation before all else, it has put an enormous strain on your health. If only you could slow down a few gears, and try to calm your mind. You are your own worst enemy. I ask you, now, to remember all the good advice you gave to me when I was on Earth. Please darling, look after yourself, for my sake. We both want so much to complete what we set out to do.

The poetry I wrote for you — one and a half books of it — was removed, with some of my most treasured books, as well as my work. Even the film of my death. You were not aware that when S. came to our home each day, with an empty briefcase, in June 2004, he filled it with my property. It hurt and upset me that someone I had trusted had been so dishonest. I will rewrite it, through you, when you calm your mind.

We achieved a lot in February. The energy of the whole world was shifted. A lot of people felt it. So many were emotionally affected by it, especially people who are spiritually aware. It had a pronounced effect. Things are changing dramatically. Everything has changed. People will start to ask questions. A desire for information has been created. Genuine interest and questions will occur. It has created a real awakening. The Spirit World has never been closer. We will be able to influence situations as never before. People will actually reach out to each other, irrespective of race or creed. We have shown you, many times this week, that we are here in our home. You have heard voices talking, and bells ringing, and lots of movement, etc. The strength of the bond of love between you and I, make it all possible.

You liked the article Psi and the Media which Tom put on the website, yesterday. I watched you read it this morning. I guided him to put that one on, it is so relevant to today. I still stand by what I wrote then. TV is a great way to open up this subject to people who would not necessarily go looking for such information.

Daily, we are exposing situations that otherwise would never come to light. I did tell you, dishonesty will be dealt with. You have only to look in your newspapers or on your TV to see this happening. Your own lawyers have exposed despicable dishonesty in the execution of my own will. There is no hiding place for them, now. Did they really expect me to just stand by and see you treated in this way? The dishonest had better beware, their exposure is assured. They have brought the world to the brink of disaster.

Now that we have broken through, we can influence in ways never before possible in the history of your world. We will guide the people to open up to Spirit and each other. It is the only way forward. We are here to help mankind to restore honour and respect among people, and we have worked hard to make this possible. There is so much unhappiness and unrest, and spiritual poverty, we could not stand by and ignore it.

You, too, need to reach out to others for help. That is a lesson you will have to learn. You have pushed yourself beyond your limit. Please wish Simon a happy birthday. I will take a glass of champagne with him, tomorrow. The cake looks good, too.

You need to build up your strength to return to America. It is so important for you to speak there. Trust me, they are ready and open to Spirit; so many questions, and people seeking the TRUTH. The Americans are not shy to ask questions. That is why I loved to talk there. They thrive on knowledge. We had such happy times there. Their openness was something we both appreciated.

My darling, I am aware of how tired you are feeling. Please rest. Try to close your mind down. We in Spirit, need you to be well, to continue our great project which will be of benefit to all of the world. Rest, and always know that my love goes with you, each and every moment of your life. Your own, Monty.