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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 2nd March 2008

Here we are again, my love, at the end of yet another very eventful week. What we showed you, as you awoke this morning, was our way of connecting with you in a visual way. We are glad it pleased you. As more and more is revealed, it is becoming clearer to you. Yes, this is bigger than any of you, are as yet, capable of understanding. Peter is on the right track. Always full of surprises, constantly unearthing "New Evidence", proving that what we are doing has been predicted over and over again, throughout the history of Man. Without you, Veronica, this could not happen. That is why I ask, again and again, to look after yourself. You feel that much will happen this month. Yes, my love, we hope to achieve a lot, but Man's free will sometimes causes us problems.

Take the advice Albert gave to you. Through Albert, I have asked you to "stand your ground". We are available to you to assist. How could I have known that the two men who are the other executors would be so dishonest and corrupt. They controlled the solicitor. The deception involved was very clever. It is the J's way of life, always trying to be more clever than the G's. Trying to run rings around them in all walks of life. You know what to do. Then, do it. If you do not, then someone else will do it for you. We will see to that. They abused my trust. They must face the consequences.

Now, Peter has identified the original Philosopher’s Stone symbol, and the link between Rosicrucianism and Science. Remember, my love, when I gave you information to do with my past lives. I talked of Rosicrucianists. You had never heard of them. Now, it is all being revealed. Everything is linked, now, it is just a matter of revealing the links. There are people throughout the ages who have deliberately kept information from the masses so they could control them. They put the "FEAR OF GOD" into everyone, instead of an understanding of the "LOVE OF GOD". They will use any and every means to control the masses. Power and wealth is all that matters to such people. They, through greed, have brought your world to its knees.

You, my love, have cut yourself off from everyone, so you can give yourself 100% to our work. You know and understand the importance of it. You trust me now, as you did when I walked the Earth beside you. I thank you, my love, with all that I am. Exciting times are ahead of us. We will succeed. Help is on its way. It is far too much for you on your own to deal with.

We, too, are trying to bring about the acquisition of that building. It would be perfect, the setting is ideal for our work. It would be a real haven for those seeking the truth. It would be our link with your world. We will achieve much. All will be revealed. Man will release the shackles of control and will live in harmony with each other, accepting the differences that separate and create fear. There will be no more war. This is hard to believe right now, but it will come about. Look to who controls the governments. It is with them, that control lies. Governments are as puppets, the corrupt control all. They get into real power positions, where they can control those that the people believe they have voted into power. Yes, it is all very clever and well thought out. Those who control the purse strings in every country, exercise power that they were never elected to hold. It is a corrupt world. Sorry, darling, I have gone on about this so often, but when you see it from here, you feel so desperate to try to change it.

Remember, I told you there are people in the wings, ready to step in, to take our work further. When the timing is right, they will come forward to assist. There are many people throughout the world, all aware that big changes are happening. They, as yet, are not aware of where in the world it will happen. Together, my love, we will have created a real understanding of life as it should be.

I was a little serious today. I do try not to be, but you know me, when I get a bee in my bonnet, it just has to come out. Our work together must go on. The timing is right. We look to you, my love, to make it happen. There is much excitement on both sides. We will succeed.

Have a good week. Do try to rest. Know that I never leave you. You were not just the love of my life, you are my love for all eternity. Your own, Monty.