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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 1st April 2007

It was an interesting week for you. Your surprise on Monday was duly noted. You never even in your wildest dreams expected Ian Paisley and Gerry Adams to sit down and talk, and agree to work together. I did tell you, we will do our utmost to bring peace to your world and I feel that was a good place to start and it means so much to you, my love.

Your visit to the H.O.L. on Tuesday with Robert's parents, gave you an opportunity to get government reaction, first hand, both in the H.O.L. and in the House of Commons. They were as taken aback as you, but all were pleased with the outcome. Ireland can now look to the future without the fear of violence. It will take a little time but the next generation will succeed in living in peace together.

Your day with B.A. was very special. You were aware of the beautiful energy in her home. She is a very special soul and I am so pleased I was able to bring you together. You will work together. She is giving this thought, even as we write. Allow her to guide you, her judgement is excellent. She knows many people who would love to be part of our projects. Try to spend as much time together as possible. It is good for you to be with people with honesty and integrity such as hers.

Now, you know why I guided you to look at what was written on a particular website about my death. Completely untrue, of course. I am so sorry it upset you so much. I did warm you, people would not understand. It would have to be explained to them. You both started off on the wrong foot but by the end of the day there was an understanding you never expected. I needed you to make that contact. We in Spirit, guided you, and even though it caused you so much stress, we felt you would agree it was worth it. There will be a link there that will be beneficial to all. You will meet and get on very well. The link with Hillary Clinton amazed you. Trust us, my dear. We know what we are doing. The more links we create, the better. You have so much information that would be beneficial to this man. It would be good to talk. You will meet. Forgive us, my love, when we ask you to do that which will be painful to you.

Alison is excited. She has noted the happenings in New York, just as I had predicted. She wants to get on with the film. You need Anthony for that. It has got to be done properly, you only get one shot at it. We cannot make mistakes, its influence in your world will be enormous. Always keep that in mind. Anthony gives everything great thought before he makes decisions. We are blessed to have him.

Tell Robert nothing can harm him, he is too important for our work to allow such a thing. See this as an obstacle to overcome. We all have to deal with obstacles along the road of life. His work is of paramount importance to your world and he will succeed, I give you my word on that. Tell him to take time to enjoy his new baby and all will come right. It's all down to timing.

Americans are leading the way. They are more aware of Spirit and the meaning of life, and of the continuity of life. It's all opening up and they are ready for it. We are encouraging them to observe us. We are all around them and they are taking notice. The Old Guard are losing their grip and it's about time. People are awakening. Their eyes are seeing so much more. They are taking the time to look. They have been led for too long. They will take control of their lives, then it will spread to other countries. It's like letting the sunshine in, and suddenly, everything is bright and beautiful, as it should be. It will take a little while to happen in England.

We are on our way and it’s becoming easier as time goes on. Our aim is for the whole world to be calm and peaceful, as it was meant to be. From here, my dear, it is a beautiful world. It is a privilege to be part of this big push forward.

I am aware of how painful it is for you to deal with everything on your own. Your whole being cries out to be with me. We know it's a lot to ask of you, but I promise, as soon as this work is completed, you and I will be together again, happier in ways you can never imagine. I miss you, too. Yes, I know it's easier for me, but I promise you, we will be together again.

I know you will be at the hospital tomorrow. I will be at your side. Remember, we have so much to look forward to. Know that you are loved and appreciated. Your Monty.