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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 15th June 2008

My darling, I shared your excitement when you received your invitation from the United Nations Association UK, to join them for the Secretary Genera,l Ban Ki-moon's visit to London. You were aware of how the energy changed when he entered the room. You knew that you were in the presence of a Great Man who endeavours to connect with all humanity. His role in your world is of extreme importance. He devotes his energy to trying to bring peace to a world that has become corrupt. Feeding the hungry is also a priority for him. His humility and lack of ego, impressed you, and being able to share his birthday, seeing the real man, enjoying his jokes, etc, showed you a side that you had not witnessed before. You were used to listening to the serious speeches of the UN Secretary General. His talk "Securing the Common Good" is something very close to his heart, and he is a man with a very caring heart, so necessary in your world today. To your surprise, a lady spoke to you after the talk. She took you by surprise when she said, "He was chosen by Spirit, you know". When you acknowledged this, she pointed out that she knew that you knew. She said she "saw your light". Please do not be disturbed by this, as it is a way of others recognising that you are a lightworker. You will get used to it, as we need people to come forward and to be part of our team. Yes, my dear, those are four Spirit Light Balls around Ban Ki-moon on your photographs as he talked. He is one of us, so of course, Spirit are around him. We guide him, too.

Please discuss the agenda for your Board Meeting. Be prepared, as you will have your American colleagues present also. Peter W. will talk about his research findings. His grasp of our work and what we are about, is excellent. He is enjoying the journey. I will, of course, be at your side, as always. Everything is falling into place, we are making steady progress. There is much to talk about and to prepare for. Connections are being made on many levels.

You, my dear, have reconnected with someone very special. His work with Spirit helps many people come to terms with inexplicable occurrences in their lives that are not understood by ordinary people. Do keep in touch, you will work together. You see, darling, you recognised his light when you first met him, though you did not understand it then. Your admiration and respect for this man and his work is justified. It was no accident that you are in touch again.

You are concerned, my darling, that you will have difficulty in sitting quietly, next Sunday, in order to write with me, as you will have visitors there with you. If it is possible, then we will do so. If not, then I do understand. My main concern is that you are not caused unnecessary stress. It is not the end of the world if we miss one Sunday. We always enjoyed having people to stay. We spend far too much time — just the two of us — here on our own. You sometimes sit and remember our time together, when I was physically there with you, and the deep love we shared. Now in séance, when you come to me and I wrap you in my arms once more, it gives you the strength to continue down this difficult road that we have asked you to take. Full of pitfalls and evil energies, all trying to divert you from our goal. Veronica, you have shown such strength of character and resolve. Your sense of purpose is admirable. I am so proud of you. Everything that you do is an expression of your love for me.

You have an exciting two weeks ahead of you. Enjoy every moment of it, I certainly intend to. Take care, my love. Try to have a stress-free and enjoyable time. Your loving husband, Monty.