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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 21st June 2009

What a week it has been for you, my love. Look at the connections you have made. Yes, you are right, everything has speeded up and is getting very exciting. Our time is at hand. Momentous times are ahead. The timing of such, will be decided on this side of life. Bear with us, my dear, nothing will be left to chance. We are on our way, I promise you this.

I encouraged you to accept the invitation to P.B. That young man is also working towards bringing information from Spirit, to enable people to open their eyes as to the real facts, such as the reason why there is a recession. How good it was for you to hear everything you know being confirmed. People must come out of their hypnotic state. They must open their minds and look at all the information that is being kept from them. It is all there, everyone has access to it, it's just a question of knowing where to look. Look at what is happening in the US. It’s certainly not what you are being told is happening. In fact, what you are being told, bears no resemblance to what is actually happening. This is the biggest CON in the history of your world. The sheer arrogance of those who believe they can pull it off is astounding. Their use of fear to control will fail. Man will exercise his right to say no.

Our purpose in reconnecting you with Paul C. was twofold. Apart from the joy of meeting an old friend, we needed you ladies to know about the amazing work he has carried out in a field that we, in Spirit, want to introduce to your world. This, Veronica, is the way forward. Yes, he will work with you. As I said, he is the right man. You know this is no coincidence that you have met again. He will be excited by our project. He will not be able to stop himself working with us. He would want everything done correctly, he is a man after my own heart. He takes pride in getting everything absolutely right. His knowledge is second to none. In time, you will be so glad you have him on board. He is a man you can trust, a man of honour. He will advise you. Listen to what he has to say and be guided by him.

One of our objects is to remove the hatred created by race and creed. Religion is the curse of your world. I have been shocked to see the depth of the hatred displayed by members of my blood family, who hid it well when I was among them. You know they kept it well hidden from me. How dare they abuse the trust I mistakenly placed in them. Do they really think they will not answer for their actions. I do not understand why they would want so much from me. I will not stand idly by. I choose my moments when they will have the greatest impact.

Once again, I ask you all to open your eyes. Look at what has been planned for 2012. No, I do not mean the Olympics. That is a useful smokescreen to take your minds off what is really happening. Yes, I know I go over this again and again. But you must accept that forewarned is forearmed. Get your facts right. Decide on a plan of action. Ask Spirit for guidance, then you will prevent this take-over that has been so carefully worked out over the years. Do not trust what you are being told, check everything out for yourselves. The world is not theirs to control. Their money may buy governments and the ambitious, to whom money is all. People must refuse ID cards. Hitler used them during the War. Look at the ‘Hitlers’ in your midst, today. Those are the very people who supplied the gas to kill their own people in those terrible days of war. Is this what Man wants to return to? War is a money-making machine. They are happy to supply both sides with the finance, it’s just a game to them. Each and every one of you has a voice. Use it. Get your facts right and the truth will set you free. Refuse to see yourselves as helpless. The energy shift will help. We in Spirit, can mix our energy with the new energy of your Earth. No one can stop what is happening. Look to the distant past — all was foretold — we are completing the mission that was written about many moons ago. There was a greater understanding then, of how the world and Man came about, before religions removed and hid the information, so they could carve it up and control it themselves. Well, the time has come for all to be revealed.

Man must learn to grow his own food. It is easy. You and I used to do it at the farm. Paul discussed with you and Bronwen the importance of this. There is no goodness in the food. Your bodies cannot deal with all the chemicals that cause so much misery and illness. The chemicals affect the brain, also, thus making Man compliant and so controllable. There are chemicals in your water, your food, and the air you breathe. You are being attacked from all angles. Take control of your lives, look after your bodies. Clear your minds of the rubbish that is being force-fed to you. Ask for guidance as to how best you can serve your fellow man. This is the way forward.

Think on all that we discussed yesterday. We share your excitement. As promised, I will find a way of working with V.O. Do not expect miracles on the first occasion. You know that I will do my best, as always.

I am so proud of you and all that you have achieved in my name, I know that all you do is an expression of your love for me. I, in my way, surround you with love. I show you that I am always at your side. How could I ever leave you. We are but one soul.

Go forward in the knowledge that I will guide every step of the way on this, our chosen path. My gratitude and love are yours. Monty.