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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 17th June 2007

You certainly opened some important doors this week. You were not as they expected you to be. They saw for themselves that what they had been told about you was totally untrue. It opened their eyes to so much. An email is on its way which will please you. Regard this as just the beginning, other doors will open as a result. I was very proud of you, my darling. Your love for me drives you forward. I am not "DEAD" while you keep speaking on my behalf. I never, ever expected such devotion and dedication. Your love, which I basked in when on Earth, will indeed go on forever.

There were also a couple of situations when you could have allowed yourself to get upset. But you kept calm and controlled. People have closed minds. Some people are determined never to accept the fact that life indeed does go on, that each and every one of us is SPIRIT with a body. You find it difficult to see their problems in accepting this fact. It is their choice.

Trust me, darling, the word is getting out there. My name is popping up around the world. People are asking questions. "Who was this fellow, Keen?" You were the only person in my life who saw the real person. You knew me 100% and that felt good. You have been asked to go to the US to speak again. You will go. They are ready.

Someone in Ireland is asking questions and reading up on me. He is researching a book on the paranormal. He is a sceptic, though he is trying to write an unbiased book. That is not possible. He has talked to someone who knows you. He will turn up on your doorstep. He has done research on various societies, S.P.R., etc. It is an exposé, really. They will not be shown in a favourable light. Do not get involved, my dear.

You will notice great changes in ENERGY. This will be enough to change many things. For some people, it is going to be a good change, and for some, it will be downright disastrous, depending where they are in the scheme of things, and that cannot be speeded up or slowed down. Things are happening on a global setting, and a lot of people’s lives are going nowhere around it. By the end of this year, things will never be the same again. You can feel it out there, everything is changing. So it is a good time to restructure what you are doing. It is like knowing the storm is coming, and you prepare the house where you can safely live. There will be sweeping changes. For some, it will be good. You must deal with the issues regarding your health. You cannot do everything yourself. You need someone to work alongside you.

I have passed on a whole load of information. There are still anomalies. There is so much more, even if you were a medium, the strain would be too much for you. All the obstacles are being removed, such as "our friend" in the US, and the various people and societies, etc. All these are no longer important, focus only on what you are doing. I will supply the information. You are open to it and I show you clearly, when necessary. This is how the Network and I have decided to proceed. Our work is important to your world. Man has made too many errors of judgement. The need for guidance is great. Man’s greed, not just for material possessions, but for power, has been responsible for a lot of the world's problems. That they will be in the next world a lot longer, should give them food for thought.

Everything is opening up, and now you have a very special lady at your side, to share the experience with you. Tell her, yes, it was me. I could not resist the opportunity. You will attend many more talks such as that one. He is an enlightened man who speaks from his heart. He touches people's souls and awakens an interest in consciousness, etc. He was much more than you were expecting. James O'Dea took you all by surprise. I was there and enjoyed it also. You will meet him again. Rupert Sheldrake will give a talk soon. I would like you to be there. People who truly believe and understand what they are saying, and are able to put it over well, are few and far between.

I have been guiding you for a while now on how to deal with our Global Warming Project. Yes, this is exactly the way forward. It needed to go down this path to ensure it is done in an honest manner, with honest people who have the interest of your world at heart. Now you see why it had to wait. We had to put all the pieces of the puzzle in place for it to proceed. This has to take priority over all other projects for the time being.

We are bringing the right people in. You continue to meet them. I advised you also regarding another matter. It does need to be dealt with, to rid yourself of all the dishonesty. Take courage, my dear. I will be at your side.

The Network and I are so grateful to you for your unstinting support. In time, we will be able to show you! Remember, things are getting better. We surround you with love and protection and guidance. I love you, my darling. Monty.