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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 14th June 2009

The information that is being released throughout your world is all coming together to reveal the TRUTH that every human being is entitled to. Mankind, or as they like to call them, the man in the street (as if he is of no significance), they hope to eliminate. He is, after all, surplus to their requirements. You are aware of the pockets of resistance to their control. They are finding their voice, and opening their eyes to the BIG PLAN. You have seen the anger that was levelled at the corruption that was accepted as their right by members of the UK Government. People are no longer willing to be led like sheep, they are realising that they, too, have power, the power to question and say no.

This is all part of the change I told you to expect this year. Gradually religions, as well as governments, will be questioned and people will demand TRUTH. The conspiracies and secret societies that have controlled mankind for 2000 years, shock all good people when they pass to spirit. Children are force-fed these lies, as you know if you hear something often enough through your formative years, you end up believing it without question, unless you are like you and I. We had the good sense to question and refuse to be part of the Great Deception. I promise you, my dear wife, whose devotion to me is an inspiration to others, that we will bring TRUTH and LIGHT to all mankind. The corrupt will fail.

The Dark Side believes it is in control. It has placed many in positions of power. Mind-control is being used to control the masses. Once you understand this, then it becomes so obvious. The problem is that people want to believe that these people are working for the good of all mankind. The fact that you cannot, and will not, accept this, upsets them but you must be true to the ultimate TRUTH. You cannot deviate to please anyone. People allow themselves to be conned, it’s easier than to stand up and question motives. To the Dark Side, it is a game, and they are pushing all the right buttons, and the foolish revere them without question. But Man will be guided and led forth and will escape the conditioning.

Those in control create the health problems. How interesting that they can produce, so quickly, the vaccinations necessary that governments insist you must have, and The Few become even richer as a result. They cause fear and stress, which is an immune suppressant. Again, a very clever form of control. Life is cheap to these people. They want to reduce the population. Fewer people are more easily controlled. I ask over and over again, that people ask questions. Do not accept what you are being told. RESEARCH and QUESTION all that you are expected to accept. There are brave people speaking out. More and more will take notice and check the facts for themselves, and will then become free of the tyranny that controls them.

So many are talking about the Energy Shift that will happen soon. It will be so powerful it will change people, everything will open up and be clear. That is the extent of the power of this energy. It will shift the old energy completely, so that people can see straight paths ahead. There will be great improvement in people’s lives, it’s like they are waking up. Through this, our Foundation will take-off and be motivated by the right people doing exactly the right things in a very specific way. Rest assured, we are coming through, come what may. There is nothing to stop us now. It is not just a question of appearing, we want to achieve quite a lot that none of you will be expecting. We will bring information through that will liberate mankind. This programme is ongoing and nothing will get in its way.

I promise that all those people on my address list, who received those evil letters from ‘she who will be nameless’, will realise that it was just a wicked, evil attempt to destroy you and our work, and they will come forward and speak up on my behalf. So worry not, all is being resolved. TRUTH always comes out in the end. The evil and corrupt will be exposed and cast into the wilderness. Our time is coming. You know who I have been in past lives. But then, my love, remember how you used to ask me, as we would cuddle up close and talk, "Who are you really, Montague"? You alone in that lifetime, always knew that there was more to me than Montague Keen. You recognised me without understanding how or why, you just knew. There was no doubt in your mind. This explains why it hurt you so much when I did not get the respect you felt I should get, especially from my blood family. All they could see was someone who could not live up to their expectations and demands. You dared to come into my life to complete our mission and to give me the love and happiness that, until then, I had never known, and so they set out to destroy you. Everyone answers for their actions, whether in life or the afterlife. Death is a great leveller.

Do take time for you. We guided you to the Pyramid. You will become more and more aware of the benefits available from this. You have, after all, a special connection with pyramids. This is what draws you to it. Relax, my dear, all is in hand. We will not fail. Do not allow anyone to upset or disturb you. I am protecting you, guiding you along this path, for the mission that you and I returned to Earth to complete. Accept my love and gratitude. I am your husband, Monty.