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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 10th June 2007

What a week it has been, my dear. One person started out with the idea of helping, and as he got further down the road, he realised "there is a benefit for me". He changed route without warning. Do not worry, my darling, it would have come to an impasse anyway.

There are so many people out there, trying to sabotage our website, using defamatory information to create "Chinese whispers". They are spreading rumours. They are desperately looking for ammunition to destroy you. They are even looking at a writer who could be their hatchet man. They are becoming quite desperate. Do not worry, my dear, I am watching the situation closely. How foolish of them to think they will not have to answer for it. As to the scavengers; they scent blood. Sorry to disappoint them. You are not coming to Spirit for a long while yet, we have too much to do. Everyone has blips in health, now and again.

As to "our friend" in the States: he is so quiet, and not invited to conferences anymore. The A.G. report went in last week. He is now experiencing the rumours, and people stepping away. The support is fading fast. What he did against you, my love, he will now experience against himself. There are so many like you, who will now come forward. Between now and August, watch them come and speak out. People will also want to protect their own reputations. It's like a small community in this field and they will feel betrayed and ask themselves, "What has he done to me"? He will come to know how important your reputation is, and once lost, there is no coming back. People cannot be associated with such dishonesty. Watch them scatter to avoid being questioned. He had a career. He will lose that and all credibility. He may try to retire, but there is no hiding place from Spirit. All his work will come into question and so he will end up with nothing. All the people he opposed are getting ready to expose him. It is so sad, it need never have been like this. He has a lot of lessons to learn. The damage he has done to us, my dear, has got to be repaired. He pushed too far and so now has to face the consequences.

Let us now look at the good people around you. Yes, I am sorry to say the dishonest are in the majority. But maybe when they see what happens in the States they will change their ways. Let's wait and see, shall we?

Darling, how many more times do I have to ask you to rest. Try to spend time with friends who understand our work. You will meet more on Tuesday. It is so good to be with like-minded people. You have pushed yourself too far, just to please me. Our work has become your life. We cannot go forward until you rest and are fit, so we can complete it. Trust me, my love, complete it we will. Remember how determined I always was. I now see it in you. I had you to support me. This is what you so desperately need also. You have always been there for everyone, now it's your turn to be helped.

Remember I promised you that you will see great changes this year. We are putting people in place to be able to achieve this. You see the questions being asked of world leaders, who, in the past, got away with so much. People want action, not words. Bob Geldorf and Bono made sure their views were well and truly aired this week. They intend to force people to see behind the rhetoric. We are in the process of bringing everything out into the open.

The G.W. project is being delayed. Trust me, my dear, we have our reasons. The timing is so important. We will go forward when we consider that the world will be ready to accept, and go with it, wholeheartedly. It will be successful world-wide. This is why the timing is crucial, people have got to be ready for it.

We in Spirit, have great plans for the world. That's why the dishonest have to be removed. Just remember, they brought it on themselves, and they corrupt and attack others who need to be protected. I know all you ever asked for, is the truth be exposed. But to do this, we need to remove certain people. They believed that because they were in positions of power and influence, no one would ever question them. They constantly point out that you do not have any qualifications, etc. Well, theirs have been brought into question now, and found lacking. There are others who try to say you were not really my wife, and should be brushed aside without consideration of any sort. They were, of course, at our wedding. You, my dear, are guilty of being "Not one of us". I chose not to be one of them. But that is convenient to forget.

The chorus of birds in our garden is so wonderful now. It pleases you so much. We used to sit out there together to read. I miss that, too. We have so many beautiful memories, no one can take them from us. I love you, I never leave you. I will see you through all this mess. Truth always triumphs. Your Monty, now and always.