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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 8th June 2008

This week, my love, you have been looking at how discoveries in Quantum Physics are bringing the ideas of science fiction closer to the realms of possibility. Celestial Energy is not yet fully understood in your world. Here, everything is possible for us. Trust me, darling, the possibilities are enormous. You watched on TV recently as they were able to physically move atoms. They are just scratching the surface of what is possible. You were very impressed with Professor Kaku; he is a brilliant scientist who is blessed with an open enquiring mind. Would that there were more such as he.

Please assure your family that Douglas has joined us in Spirit. He says it is so much more than he ever expected and is now happily meeting with family and friends as he adjusts to life in Spirit. He says, "I should never have hung about down there. I had no idea it was going to be like this. Thank my family for all their kindness to me in my final years".

I am sorry that you have been caused unnecessary stress this week. Some people are so unaware, that they are clueless to what is really going on around them. Do not be drawn into their drama. Do not compromise your beliefs. Hold on to your integrity in all situations. Use sound judgments in making choices. Outward appearances may be deceiving. Courageously see the nitty-gritty before taking action. Core values are at stake.

There is a sense of excitement and anticipation around you. The information coming in to you is almost unbelievable. Things you never thought possible are now being presented to you. Go with the flow, my darling, we are opening the doors. You just need to elegantly walk through them. It would be good for you to meet Peter’s people. Show them the bigger picture. They will enjoy being involved in the plan. The downside of this, my love, is the further forward we go, the deadlier the slander against you, as the evil work hand in hand with the Dark Forces to try to prevent enlightenment. Remember always, you know who I am and what I have access to. You are not who they think you are, either. You would have sunk without trace four years ago if they were right. Is that not so? When all is revealed, they will regret their actions. They will never be part of the New World Order. Greed, together with self-importance, sent them down the wrong road. Remember, as you learn about me, so too you learn about yourself. We are as one.

Do try to take time out for yourself this week, as the following two weeks will be extremely busy. Do I need to remind you that you are no spring chicken, and so much is expected of you. You will need to learn to pace yourself. I know, I could not either; but do try to do it to please me. We need you to ensure our plans come to fruition.

I am glad that when invited last week, you took the opportunity to meet with people who are aware of the Spiritual Awakening that is beginning to take shape. Though some were misguided on some issues, on the whole they are just people preparing for the changes that will occur. It alarmed you when you discovered there were connections with people who behaved disgracefully when I passed over, and their actions were both dishonest and despicable, and upset us both greatly. Sadly, people are still taken in by "qualifications" and persuasive displays of knowledge. It was good that you spoke openly, but without disclosing too much about our plans, etc. There are so many good people out there who are trying to find a better way of life through connecting with Spirit. As you remember, my love, I took every opportunity to talk to people about my work. It is good that you do so too. Speaking in public has never phased you. Remember when at a conference in the US, I had finished speaking, and during questions, when I was asked a question that I felt you were better able to answer, and you were called to the platform without a moment’s notice, and you spoke fluently, much to my delight and all those present. Remember how proud of you I was, as we made our way to our hotel. We showed everyone what a good team we were, still are, and always will be.

Darling, talk with Peter. He is so good at explaining things to you. He has such a wonderful and informed mind. Also, he does enjoy asking you questions to confirm his research. You have had to learn so much, my love, just when most people are slowing down and taking life easy. But you are enjoying it and that is important to all of us.

We, my love, have much to look forward to. As I end my letter to you this week, know without a doubt, you are truly loved and cherished by your husband, Monty.