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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 7th June 2009

Veronica, my dear, you are seeing evidence of the veil being slowly removed, and both sides of life in communication as never before. Trust me, the shift is happening. The enlightened are both aware and excited by this. The control of THE FEW is becoming evident and is being questioned. Man is demanding the FREEDOM that has been removed, almost without him realising what was happening. Freedom is precious and to be valued, Man has fought and died for that Freedom that bankers and governments have removed by stealth. Mankind is responsible for putting them in a position of power. They do not just control the financial situation in your world, they control your medication from birth to death. Medication is FORCED on CHILDREN and the ELDERLY, to control them. Chemicals are fed through the food and water, you do not have a choice. This is a crime against humanity. All done for financial gain and control. It is greed at its worst. Man needs to make his own choices on medication, etc., he needs to to take responsibility for this and demand freedom of choice. But remember, as George Bernard Shaw said: "With Liberty comes Responsibility".

When we return, I always said that others want to show themselves also. We will speak out to expose the corrupt. Their time is coming to an end. I, as Montague Keen, stood for TRUTH. I was not aware of the corruption and evil intent of those who professed to care for me and claimed to be my friend.

The NEW ENERGY will take over and sweep away the corrupt. Their reign is over. Leaving you was the hardest request I had to comply with, but as I explained from the beginning, this plan could not go forward without me working from this side of life. THE FEW are destroying your world. You must take your power back, then people will live together without the few continually creating fear by making people believe they have enemies who will attack them. Think about it, it’s the easiest form of control. They make money from this. War is very profitable for them and so they create situations that instil such fear that men are prepared to fight and die to protect their countries from ‘The Enemy’, an enemy that only exists in fiction. Create fear in the masses and they will agree to almost anything. Clever, but corrupt. The bottom line in every situation is financial gain and power. No one on Earth has the God-given right to control mankind. I ask you, please, question all that you read and what is shown to you as "FACT". Since my passing, I have told you many times that "Nothing is as it seems."

"The Return" has been forecast. A period of manifestation has been written about throughout history. It is not the end of the world as many fear, but the beginning of the new world, free of corruption. You are all part of the God energy. The few have removed and destroyed information that shows this. People will become more self-aware and confident as they reconnect with the energy and love. Fear will be removed. Everything that has caused division, fear, and wars, such as religion, bankers and governments, will cease to control. They are all guilty of corruption, some to a lesser degree than others, but all demand control and financial support they had no right to expect. Whatever happened to love in all this. Where was compassion for your fellow man?

Mankind will return to the herbs and plants that the universe provides to support man in times of illness. Power is not dependent on oil. The knowledge is there to provide FREE ENERGY for all, but the Bankers refuse to allow this information to come out. GREED prevents it. No man is better than another — all are equal — all came in the same way and will return in the same way. Some are more connected and aware of the source of all life. Enlightenment will come, so that all will live in peace as was intended.

I share your excitement as new information is brought to your attention, confirming what you know to be true. I was so fortunate to be able to share such information with you when we were together on Earth. It gave me a new lease of life. Until I met you, I was alone, and plodded on knowing I had to do what I had to do, just as you are doing now. It is not easy, my dear, but always remember, you are part of the creation of the New Energy that will create a better world for all mankind. We have been together in several lives. I continually show you that I am still with you. I am also one of The Twelve on this side of life. They have visited you. There are many, on both sides of life, giving their all to create the New Energy, thus bringing our worlds together. Truth will, at last, be revealed.

Enjoy being with your family and friends. Both are very important to you for their support. They are always there for you. I never, ever leave you. Even death cannot separate us. I am forever your adoring husband, Monty.