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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 6th May 2007

Greetings, my love. Please thank the Noble Lords who on the 03-05-07, brought us one step closer to having Stem Cells available to all. We succeeded in America, and now in England, to bring it all out into the open. Please thank Baroness Greenfield. You know, my dear, I had such great respect for Susan Greenfield. She has indeed got an excellent brain, and knows and understands perfectly, the benefit to the world of Stem Cell research. I have, since I passed to the World of Spirit, worked towards leading you down that path. Lord St John of Bletso, spoke straight from the heart, and his contribution spoke for all the non-scientific people. Believe it, my dear, we will succeed. You have the backing of the Spirit World on this. People throughout the world will benefit from this, and we are backing this 100 percent. We will guide this, every step of the way. Governments should welcome this with open arms. They should consider the money it will save them. They are locked into procedures that are totally outdated and are controlled by the drug companies. Enlightenment is at hand. Look to it, for everyone's sake.

You, my darling, took my advice and did not go down the "Warfren" road. You know I know what is best, and what will work for you, and you do trust me completely, you always did — it was so touching, my dear. We in Spirit, need you to be our spokesperson. We need to guide mankind to a more open and honest way of life, with good health for all, food on the table, clean air to breathe, and an openness to learn why we are here. What we need to learn — the continuity of life, that is our purpose. Because you understand that fully, you trust our guidance, and are ready to speak-up.

We had good news from the tests carried out in Germany last week, proving conclusively that our project on ridding the world of CO2 emissions, has passed its tests in several countries now, just as we predicted. It is a big step to go into production as it will go world-wide. But I promise you, you do have the right people on board — it will just take off. We are able to influence so much more now, irrespective of country or creed — we will make a difference, I promised you that, and you are seeing it day by day. You are beginning to understand just how big this whole project is.

I watched as you were looking at an old file, and found the report of a séance you and I went to. How you pleaded with them to let us in. They did not know who we were. Three times you knocked on the door, and eventually they gave-in, and told us to sit at the back, and the message from Spirit touched you deeply as the Spirit described me, and it corresponded with how you saw me. You have asked Tom to put it out on our website so other people will understand me better, as so many people reading our website did not know of me. Your love for me is so beautiful. I show you I am there with you, and it pleases you so much. Believe me, darling, I miss the physical side of our life also. It was pure and it was good. Love as it should be, total trust.

We have brought someone who needs help, and who, in return, will help take the information on Stem Cells to the world. This needs to be done. You will all work together as a team to do this. Helping others has always been important to you, my dear, you know instinctively what to do and we guide you. We will bring people in, as and when they are needed.

Justice is getting closer and closer in the US. The dishonest will be dealt with and will be seen to be dealt with. Our work is too important, we cannot allow people like that to unjustly discredit you and your work with me. He still pretends he has permission to use my research, even though he does not understand it. He has shown it to others to help him to understand it, and so to use it, and pretend it is all his own work. Well, Spirit has a word or two to say on that subject, don't you think! He has no conscience at all about the fact that he stole it.

We are moving forward on many fronts now, putting people and ideas in place, and where necessary, bringing them to you and Robert. The world will come to know and recognise his importance in all this. He will take the research on Stem Cells to the world. His understanding of how the human body works is unparalleled. You recognised this in him, nearly 20 years ago, and will project his work so it will be available to all. It’s a matter of opening people’s minds. They are so locked into the "old ways" of treating people, as opposed to what Robert does, CURING PEOPLE. You, Robert, and Anthony, will succeed. All are guided by Spirit. Helping Africa is important to Anthony. This, too, is part of our project. Look at it as the New World Order, where honesty and concern for our fellowman is to the fore.

Look to another interesting week, my love, we are moving boundaries, you and I. Meet with our team, inspire them as we inspire you. Our love will inspire others to look at their lives. Real love does not fade with time.

When I ring the bell to let you know I am in our home with you, it's lovely to see you still get excited, as you used to, when I returned home from meetings, etc. Look after yourself. Thank Robert for what he did for you last Friday. It will work. Until we write together next Sunday, enjoy watching things develop all around you. My love is with you always. Your very own, Monty.