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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 1st June 2008

What a very important and exciting week it has been for you, my love, and for those we can trust. Your understanding of The Great Plan is so much clearer now. We will reveal more, as and when necessary, to proceed with our work. You and I, have been man and wife in so many incarnations. We are one soul, the male and the female together as one. Hence, we felt complete, happy, contented; our cup was full. Pity all those who looked down on this union, and who, after my death, dismissed you. They tried only to take from you, and continue to do so. How little they know. You alone understood me and my work and its importance. All their so-called qualifications and false superiority, blinded them, and so they failed to understand me, and what I wrote and talked about. After I passed over, I realised they were not capable of understanding. They just paid lip-service.

You, my love, asked me many times during our time together on Earth, "Who are you really?". You alone, recognised I was different. You asked that same question last Tuesday and I told you. You were all very excited. Suddenly, you understood so much more. Now you know that "I was there before the universe was created". Do not disclose any more of what I said as yet. Remember, I told you several times that "I took the first available vehicle". Because of who I am, I could never be a Jew. That is why I had to go against "MY JEWISH FAMILY". I walked away from all that it stood for, at 15 yrs old. I "married out" three times. I even owned a PIG FARM. I could not belong to any religion, I had to be free to think outside the box. Money was never my God or my goal in life. Only to try to bring enlightenment. And with your help, my love, together we will do that.

Through our Foundation, you and I will create a place where people will, at last, see the light, and will come together in harmony. This has been ordained. In this place, Spirit will come to speak and the world will listen. It will be a place of peace and harmony. The Portal you will create, will bring our two worlds together. There will be no place for the corrupt. They will not enter. I will speak out against the dishonest and their evil ways. As I look now at people I thought I knew, and see how they have set out to destroy you and our work, I say to them, the TRUTH is about to be REVEALED. They should hang their heads in shame. They have betrayed me.

You, my darling, recognised Simeon as someone special. Yes, he is important to our work. During our séance, I took him to our side of life to talk with him, and to have him meet some of the Network that I am part of. He will become as a solid rock, supportive in every way, both to Alison in New York and you in London. He has seen for himself and experienced talking directly with me, and so will no longer be put off by the servants of evil, who warned "Do not have anything to do with this lady, keep away from her". He has come to recognise the power of evil, trying to prevent people from talking or listening to me through you. Ask yourself, "Why do these people fear you, if you are as they say, delusional?"

Talk with Peter, he has a great understanding of all that is happening. This is why he has to be part of it. We inspire him. He was being prepared for this work for many years. I know that sometimes you feel like it is like listening to me. Our thinking is very similar. You have been remembering our visit to Egypt and how it affected us. We were remembering things, as well as having exciting experiences. We always said we would return to Egypt. We will, one day, in Spirit. You and I, my love, had so much more in common than anyone ever suspected. I, in my last incarnation, never fitted in. I was never truly part of that family I was born into. The same can be said of you. We were on a different level, a higher plane. This is why we work together now so beautifully.

I say to those who try to destroy you, the truth will be REVEALED. Lawyers alone cannot protect you. You are, in fact, revealing to all, the depth of your depravity, greed, and hate. Your tribe became corrupt many generations ago, and have continued to be so. The time for TRUTH is at hand. Because of who I am, I am able to reveal myself. That is why I have organised so much, since my passing to Spirit, preparing the place and timing of my coming. The work that my wife and I do, will succeed in bringing mankind together as never before, to live in harmony together. Her devotion to me is an example to all who seek truth and light. We are on our way, my love. Enjoy the journey you have chosen alongside me. Your husband, Monty.